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Extra large scale stencil project for Google London HQ

Extra large scale stencil project for Google London HQ

Got a giant stencil project? 

Lasercutit and the team are ideally placed to help, having the necessary skills to work with many many drawings to collate a package of stencils for large scale projects.

We were approached last year by previouis clients, Lendlease, to help with this challenging project.

"Google broke ground on its new London headquarters in November, set to be built in the city's King's Cross neighborhood. When it's complete, the huge, one million square foot building will be home to some 7,000 employees".

Stencils were required to stencil the floor level indications on the internal core construction. Stencils of the iconic google droids were also required to brand the site hoarding during this construction phase..

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Massive stencils along full length Virgin Trains platforms

Massive stencils along full length Virgin Trains platforms

Possibly the biggest stencil project in the UK ever:

‘It’s a wonderful life’ has a magical ring to it and you would be hard pushed not to know that this is the UK’s, and most of the rest of the world’s, favourite Christmas movie of all time.
No wonder then that this sparked an idea for Stef Midmer and the PR team at Virgin Trains. Working with Lucy McGettigan and Joe Burdon of The Romans, this merging of minds has developed into a really creative and thought- provoking approach to marketing Virgin Trains’ Christmas message of 2018. 

They decided to paint the script of heart-warming Christmas classic, ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’, along the length of its route from London to Glasgow. Next step was to source a stencil maker who had the skills and experience to cope with such a large scale project. 

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Top 10 Stencilling Tips

Top 10 Stencilling Tips

Here's our top 10 list of essentials required to achieve success with your stencilling projects:

  1. Preparation is key
  2. Apply the stencil to a clean, dry and dust free surface
  3. Avoid stencilling on a freshly painted surface
  4. Use repositioning glue and/or sensitive, low tack masking tape to keep your stencil in place
  5. Use a spirit level to align your stencil with the straight top edge 
  6. Remove excess paint from your brush or roller prior to painting
  7. Apply repeated thin coats of paint to reduce the chance of a bleed
  8. Remove your stencil before the paint dries completely
  9. Touch up your design by hand if required
  10. Clean your stencil after use


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Needing extra large supersized letters for your Helipad?!

Needing extra large supersized letters for your Helipad?!

Not your everyday type of query but you’d be surprised how many people ask google these very questions! 

What size do I have to make my helipad?
Why do helipads have numbers on them?
Can I land my helicopter in a car park?

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