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Extra Large Stencils

We make extra-large stencils any width and any length. This is in one piece. If your design is bigger than this, we can make your giant stencil using a roll or in multiple parts which you can butt together or overlap. Your stencil, whatever the size will be functional and manageable Don’t worry, we will take out all the hard work to make your stencil. Our design team will work with you to make something that works for you, using our expertise.

Do You Need an Extra Large Stencil?

Stencils are made from varying thicknesses of polyester film.

If you have an allover design, we can make an extra large stencil which can be repeatedly used to cover large areas quickly; huge floor patterns or on vast interior or exterior walls.

We use industry-leading Polymex, also referred to as Mylar. Large stencils can be used with aerosols, brushes, sponges or rollers. Areas can be masked to apply multiple colours. Your stencils are reusable and recyclable (check with your local authority) or ask us for advice on how best to store your stencils.

Large Logo Stencils

If you have a company logo and want to display it at a really large scale to increase brand awareness in an advertising promo campaign we can help.

We will manufacture your stencil in the most suitable material, give advice regards application on particular internal or external surfaces and can make it to ANY SIZE. We make stencils for flat or curved surfaces, from shipping containers to skyscrapers, billboards, giant ships, gable ends, and football stadiums.

Your stencil can be applied using many different paints and methods, on concrete, wood, flooring, internal or external walls, for window displays and shop fit-outs, and even on grass.

Large Letter Stencils

Once we have converted your design to work as a stencil, your large letter stencil can be used for many different commercial or industrial applications:

Exterior uses include street art, street advertising or road-marking campaigns (perfect if to be viewed from a helicopter or drone for promo videos) or on any kind of outdoor structure - walls, doors, shutters, pavements, hoarding, billboards, car parks or on construction sites.

Your stencil is made from Polyester film and can be used with many different paints on most substrate bases - painted surfaces, wood, stone, concrete, mono-block, metal and we custom make to ANY SIZE - there is no limit.

Multi Part Stencils

If you require a stencil representing many different colours, we make it in multiple layers. If the area to be filled is super large, we work out how to split your design into however many usable sections are required to fill your space.

There is no limit to how many sections nor how big the space to fill is. If your project is particularly large, we are experts in working on stencil projects that are logistically challenging.

Once we have converted your design, we can advise on material, thickness, application and whether cherry pickers or scaffolding is required. Stencils can be 'butted up' or overlapped with registration marks, whichever suits your project best.

Road Marking Stencils

These can be a combination of text, numbers and logos, any large message or image. We specialise in road marking stencils as part of a promo campaign to cover a road or to be seen from the air.

Think SKY sports/ Tour of Britain etc. Your image can be made in one continuous length to fill the entire road - you can stencil for miles and miles! Road marking stencils can be made in various thicknesses depending on conditions, base to be stencilled and whether it has to be reused.

If your stencil is extra large we will work with you on application. Your stencil can be used with many different permanent spray-paints or temporary chalk spray.


Our stencil material comes on a roll so we can make to whatever size you require to fill your available space, making the maximum size truly limitless. We add registration marks or ‘butt up’ for your ease of alignment if your stencil is in more than one piece.

Emirates logo stencilled on Spinnaker Tower by abseil team


From huge one-off logos to giant letters many, many metres high, whatever the available space you have for your project, we take your artwork and make a stencil to fill it. When your image is really large, we work with you and recreate in usable parts for ease of application.\

Extra large stencil used to paint Ardbeg logo in car park


Extra-large stencils can be used on many different surfaces. We aim to ensure you get good results, so please ask if you need advice:

Surfaces – Exterior walls, sports pitches, roads
Weights – small sand bags can be used on flat surfaces
Positioning – Repositionable spray mount can be used
Alignment – we can advise re vertical/ horizontal placement
Application – chalk spray, sponge, brush or roller

If you’re needing more help you can check out our How To videos.

The only company prepared to come and have a look and quote... very short lead time on this... thanks again for for all your help on the tower stencils.

Mark Maguire - Design Manager, Portsmouth City Council