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Laser Engraving & Rastering

The latest addition to our manufacturing technology is the GraphixScan laser engraving machine. This high-speed CO2 galvo equipment allows us to deliver engraving and rastering projects faster than our flatbed cutting machines. To see how we can help with your engraving or rastering project, simply send us your artwork in vector, Jpeg or PNG and we can get started.

Laser engraving wood, fabric, leather, suede, Perspex, latex

The first question we are usually asked is ‘what is the difference between engraving and rastering?’. Engraving creates an outline or line drawing. Rastering fills in the outlined area by etching away at the surface of the material creating a ‘solid’ but engraved look.

The detail that we can achieve with both these processes make it applicable to almost any industry and any material, it all depends on your project and specification. To have a chat about how we can help with your project, fill out the contact form and we will be in touch. 

About Our Galvo Graphixscan

Our Galvo machine has a maximum engraving area of 500 x 500mm and 250 x 250 that will cut the most intricate designs in a fraction of the time of a flatbed laser cutting machine

We have the facility to feed the cutting area to engrave repeat patterns within the 500 x 500mm

Ideal for engraving onto manmade felt, leather, suede, latex

Engraving & Rastering Examples

Examples of some of our rastering projects are:

● Creating a worn/grading distressed effect on denim
● Laser etching jeans
● Laser cutting card
● Surface patterning on felt, suede and leather
● Decorative panelling
● Point of sale branding
● Wooden plaques
● Greeting cards
● Paper images/artwork


Engraving and rastering can be used to personalise on both flat materials and some ready-made products such as denim jeans, jackets, bags, boxes, keyrings etc that have an area that can be laid out relatively flat.