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Laser Cutting Specialist Fabric

We've been laser cutting for over 30 years and have many returning clients who recognise that we are the 'go to' laser cutters for business or designers. We'll help you achieve the desired finished effect. We have worked with many high-profile companies on really varied projects: From gorgeous garments for the catwalk to camouflage back packs for military type products.

Do You Have Specialist Fabric That Requires Laser Cutting?

Commissioning laser cut fabric is easy. Send us your artwork or image. Your file is converted into a digital vector file which is uploaded onto a laser cutting machine and your fabric is laser cut, engraved or rastered to your design, shapes, logo or text. We calculate a design layout to ensure wastage of your material is kept to a minimum. We use a roll feed so can laser cut fabric in continuous repeat design.




You can send us pieces, hides or preferably on a roll. A test-cutting service is available for any unusual fabrics.

● Natural and man-made fabrics – Cotton, calico, linen, wool felt, acrylic, nylon, polyester, Tyvek, silk, organza, lurex
● Specialist fabrics – Surgical drape, fire retardant, safety clothing, neoprene, latex

Machine Beds

From garment pieces to continuous repeat patterns on a roll, we take your artwork and custom cut to suit. We help with layout for best usage of your material. We have various machines, the largest area is shown below:

● Cutting size - 2400mm x unlimited length


We laser-cut loads of different fabrics for designers and specifiers in the visual arts. We offer a test-cutting facility for specialist or unusual materials.

● Fashion designers – garments for the catwalk
● Costume designers – for the theatre, movies, TV
● Set designers – for staging, curtaining and props
● Interior designers – for soft furnishings/ accessories
● Window display – ribbons, models, 3D shapes
● Fit-outs – shops, studio/ offices, exhibition stands

We were very pleased with the cooperation with Laser Cutting Services. Timely delivery, with efficient service on the way. The [coffee stencils] were exactly what we expected, with good quality and the correct shapes.

Monica Mamilovic - Customer Marketing Specialist, Nestle Sweden