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Laser cut, pre-printed card made into giant rubber plant leaves, to promote Celloglas eco-conscious brands at Retail Expo 2019

Laser Cutting Services

Ask us what can be laser cut...

Needing material laser cut?

You may ask 'what is laser cutting?' perhaps a better question is 'can I get my material laser cut?'

Starting the laser cutting process is simple: Send us your artwork, file or image. We convert your file into a digital vector file which is uploaded onto a laser cutting machine and your material is laser cut, engraved or rastered to your shapes, repeat design, logo or text. 

We have many machines, our biggest cuts to a massive 2400 x 1200mm but 'watch this space' - even bigger is coming soon. All laser cut acrylic, Trolase, wood, MDF, fabric, leather, paper and card or specialist materials. We hold stocks of paper and card but for most laser cutting jobs we liaise with you and custom order in material specifically to suit your project.

Our newest laser cutting machine has an integrated camera, which can cut to the outlines of your pre printed design, which is widely used in the fabric, textile, garment and cloth cutting industries. It also be used for product or house plan templates or registering to pre-printed card. Let us know if you require an unusual material test cut or a sample or prototype.

We've been in business for over 20 years, are recognised as the 'go to' laser cutting company for business and designers, and have worked with many high profile companies on really varied projects: From hundreds of leaves for a trade stand to beautiful art deco panels for a cinema restoration.

Laser cut fabric for fashion designers

Laser cut fabric

Many fabrics custom laser cut to your design.

Natural or man-made fabrics.

Up to 2400mm x unlimited length on a roll.

Repeat designs or shapes can be cut.

Laser cut acrylic panel for film props

Laser cut acrylic / sheet plastics

Perspex and engraving acrylics laser cut to your design.

Up to 10mm thickness.

Up to 2440 x 1220mm can be cut in one piece.

Laser cut MDF for interior design projects

Laser cut MDF

Wood and MDF laser cut to your design.

Up to 12 mm thickness.

Up to 2440 x 1220mm can be cut in one piece.

Laser cut fabric for textile designer Zenab Rana

Laser cut card

Card or paper laser cut to your design.

We can laser cut to a pre-printed design.

Up to A0, let us know if you require bigger.

Laser cut Trolase panels for interiors

Laser cut Trolase

Engraving acrylic cut to your design.

Up to 3.2mm thickness.

Up to 1245 x 616mm can be cut in one piece.

Laser cut drop paper for shop window display

Laser cut drop paper

Drop paper laser cut to your design.

2400mm x unlimited length on a roll.

For installations or display.

Repeat designs or shapes can be cut.

Features of LCS custom cutting

  • Soft, drapey or hard materials
  • Can be cut from a roll in continuous repeat
  • Engraving/raster service available
  • Laser cut to pre printed material
  • Large format machine - 2400 x 1200mm bedsize
  • Multiple pieces or large shapes
  • Prototypes and/ or high volume bulk production runs
  • Installation advice given and/or team to assist
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9000 laser cut Christmas baubles!

We were asked to laser cut shimmery card baubles for Liberty of London's iconic Christmas window display.

The visual merchandising department required 2 designs; plain gold and the Liberty 'ship' A nod to the iconic gold weathervane..

Mirri card from Celloglas was selected as being the best to shimmer and reflect all the fabulous Christmas gifts the window designers had carefully selected to display.

There was a fantastic band, to add a sense of anticipation and frivolity, and hundreds of shoppers eagerly awaited the curtains opening!

Christmas window display featuring thousands of laser cut paper baubles for Liberty of London
This image shows one of the windows. Watch the vid to see the curtains drop!

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