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Laser cut, pre-printed card made into giant rubber plant leaves, to promote Celloglas eco-conscious brands at Retail Expo 2019

Laser Cutting Services

Laser cutting may seem a daunting or complicated process, simplifying this process is where we come in. Simply send us your artwork, let us create a digital vector for your approval & then let our machines get to work.

What Material Can We Laser Cut?

We have many machines, all of which cut acrylic, Trolase, wood, MDF, fabric, leather, paper/ card and specialist materials. We can also work with recycled materials that are environmentally friendly and carbon neutral.

We hold stocks of paper and card but for most laser cutting jobs we liaise with you and custom order in material specifically to suit your project.

Laser Cut Fabric

We offer a test-cutting service for unusual materials. We have done work for London fashion week, The National Theatre, Birmingham Royal Ballet and on Luxury yacht fit-outs.

Laser cut acrylic panel for film props

Laser Cut Acrylic / Sheet Plastics

We laser cut Acrylic Perspex, plastics and other hard sheet materials in thicknesses up to 10mm.

Laser cut acrylics are used extensively to personalise your products or for interior décor or installations.

We work with product designers, model makers, interior designers, shops and interior fit-outs.

Our portfolio includes engraving an NHS hospital reception desk and lighting discs for a luxury hotel.

Laser cut MDF for interior design projects

Laser Cut MDF

We can laser-cut and engrave solid wood, plywood, veneers and MDF.

We can laser cut shapes or engrave intricate designs. We can cut up to 12mm thick, with a sheet size of up to 2440x1200mm.

We have worked with high street stores, restaurants and TV/theatre productions.

Laser cut fabric for textile designer Zenab Rana

Laser Cut Card

We can laser cut and laser engrave paper and card including mount board and corrugated card.

Our laser cut card is used by model makers, visual merchandisers, publishers, film-makers and creative/product designers.

We have laser cut deer head trophies in corrugated card for the drinks industry and pre-printed card invitations for Etihad airline.

Laser cut Trolase panels for interiors

Laser Cut Trolase

We can laser cut and laser engrave many sheet plastics. Trolase from Trotec which, is available in many different colour combinations, can be raster engraved to highlight an option colour underneath.

Trolase pieces are often used for event promotion, installations, exhibits and signage both internal and external. We develop your concept to achieve maximum impact.

We work with marketers, PR, Artists, designers and 3D model makers. We have made thousands of Trolase templates for a Google Partners event, signage and decorative panels for the Rex cinema and even animal and plant identification signage for Chester Zoo.

Trolase is available in a selection of thicknesses up to 3.2mm thick and up to 1245x616mm in one piece.

Laser cut drop paper for shop window display

Laser Cut Drop Paper

Drop paper is a non-woven material made from a combination of cellulose, polyester and fibre glass. It comes in various colours, up to 2m wide and is fire rated.

We can laser cut it into shapes, text, or intricate papercut or fretwork-type designs.

Our laser cut drop paper is used by visual merchandisers, installation artists and creative/product designers.

In the past, we have laser cut butterfly panels to enhance a shopping centre lobby for a retail window display.

Laser Cutting Materials

Sheet materials- Acrylic Perspex, MDF, wood, paper, card, Trolase and other engraving materials.

On a roll- Fabric, Tyvek, drop paper, polyester and acetate films.

Specialist- Faux leather and suede (and hide) protective ‘safety’ fabrics, surgical drape, fire retardant.

Our Laser Cutting Machines

From large quantities of small products to giant one-off pieces for an installation or display, we take your artwork and custom cut to suit.

We can help with layout for best usage of your material.

Laser Cutting Installations

We laser cut many different fabrics for designers and specifiers in the visual arts. We offer a test-cutting facility for specialist or unusual materials:

● Fashion designers – garments for the catwalk
● Costume designers – for the theatre, movies, TV
● Set designers – for staging, curtaining and props
● Interior designers – for soft furnishings/ accessories
● Window display – shop fronts, models, 3D shapes
● Fit-outs – shops, studio/ offices, exhibition stands