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Answers to some frequently asked questions are below.

If you have a question that's not on the list please contact us and we'll be pleased to help.

Can you make a stencil from my Logo?

Yes, whether for a coffee or giant wall we can convert your design to work as a stencil.

How quickly can I get my stencils?

We always aim to meet your deadline. Let us know if you require NEXT DAY service.

Can I get an extra-large scale stencil?

Yes, we can cut unlimited size, can help with layout and give application advice.

Can I get stencils in High volume?

Yes, whether you have one design needing repeated in the thousands or many designs needing a quantity of each.

Will I have to pay additional charges on my order if I am ordering from an EU country?

As a result of the UK leaving the European Union, customers of orders being sent to addresses within the European Union may incur additional charges.

Can I see what my stencil will look like?

Yes, we send an artwork proof for your approval prior to cutting your job. For some projects we can also provide a physical sample proof.

How do we keep the centres of letters in place on a stencil?

We add “Bridges” to your stencil. E.g. The letter o- we would add a small bridge, top and bottom or each side, so that the floating o remains attached. (If desired, once your stencil is applied, the “gap” the bridges leave can be filled in by hand.

Can I get a prototype laser cut?

Yes, we work with you on developing a new product or design and can quote for one-offs and/or repeat high volume.

Can fine detail be laser cut?

Yes, we have the ability to replicate intricate fine detail in paper, card or fabric that cannot be achieved with die cutting.

How long will it take to laser cut my project?

As we work custom bespoke, each project is quoted based on how long it takes to laser cut your design in your particular material. We will work out a critical path backwards from your deadline.

How Do I pay?

We send a payment link with your VAT invoice. You can pay by credit or debit card, or BACS by request. All jobs are pro forma. Accounts will be considered based on volume/ repeat business.

How do I make my files appropriate for quoting?

To laser cut we require Vector files, if you are not sure if the type of file you have is a vector file, send us what you have and we can advise.

Vector files format;

  • AI
  • EPS
  • DXF
  • DWG
  • SVG
  • PDF (Must be saved as a vector pdf)

We can give a ‘ballpark’ from other formats;

  • PDF
  • JPEG
  • TIFF

Is there a minimum order?

We do have minimum order however quotes are provided depending on the size, design and quantity; therefore, it is best to contact us directly with your design and project details so we can provide an accurate price.

Why do I need breaks or bridges in my logo/ design work?

We use the “Line breaking” method which means making tiny interruptions in a normally continuous line, this prevents pieces from being completely cut out and coming apart from the original sheet, this prevents you losing parts of your logo or design from the stencil.

How do I clean my stencil?

There is a misconception that the thicker the material is, the longer it will last. To a degree this is true, however, the reality is, that whatever it is made of, in order for it to last for multiple uses it will require regular cleaning.

The build-up of old paint on any stencil material, will result in poor definition. We recommend that you follow the advice below to prolong the life of your stencil;

  • Lay stencil on a flat surface
  • Use a soft brush to clean
  • Appropriate solvent
  • Gently brush across the surface to clean away paint
  • Never use a cloth, this will damage your stencil
  • Dry flat