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We are Laser Cutting Services

LCS is a UK-based established family business.  We are a leading stencil manufacturer and laser cutting service with over 30 years of experience in delivering bespoke projects to brands and businesses worldwide.

An interdisciplinary team, we specialise in designing and manufacturing custom wall stencils, extra-large stencils, intricate laser cutting projects, engraving and rastering.

Custom Stencils

Custom Stencils

Bespoke stencils are made in varying thicknesses of material dependent on the end use of the stencil. We make most of our stencils using Polyester film, which is a highly durable and reusable material. We understand that each project is different, therefore we provide a quote unique for each job whether it is for one extra large stencil or multiple copies of a coffee stencil. Our video how to guides will help you get the best results from your stencils, even if this is your first time using them.

Extra large stencils

Extra large stencils

Stencils are made from varying thicknesses of polyester film.

If you have an allover design, we can make an extra large stencil which can be repeatedly used to cover large areas quickly; huge floor patterns or on vast interior or exterior walls.

We use industry-leading Polymex, also referred to as Mylar. Large stencils can be used with aerosols, brushes, sponges or rollers. Areas can be masked to apply multiple colours. Your stencils are reusable and recyclable (check with your local authority) or ask us for advice on how best to store your stencils.

Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

Cocktail & drinks stencils are made in food-compliant materials. 

For high volume but with budget constraints, please ask about the different options.

We create stencils for businesses across the F&B industry including confectioners, bakeries, large-scale food manufacture and alcohol producers. As well as products for direct food application, we create bespoke pieces for display or seasonal packaging. Get in touch to see how we can help you with your food & beverage needs.

Laser Cutting Services

Laser Cutting Services

We have many machines, all of which cut acrylic, Trolase, wood, MDF, fabric, leather, paper/ card and specialist materials. We can also work with recycled materials that are environmentally friendly and carbon neutral.

We hold stocks of paper and card but for most laser cutting jobs we liaise with you and custom order in material specifically to suit your project.

Laser Cutting Specialist Fabric

Laser Cutting Specialist Fabric

Commissioning laser cut fabric is easy. Send us your artwork or image. Your file is converted into a digital vector file which is uploaded onto a laser cutting machine and your fabric is laser cut, engraved or rastered to your design, shapes, logo or text. We calculate a design layout to ensure wastage of your material is kept to a minimum. We use a roll feed so can laser cut fabric in continuous repeat design.



Laser Engraving & Rastering

Laser Engraving & Rastering

The first question we are usually asked is ‘what is the difference between engraving and rastering?’. Engraving creates an outline or line drawing. Rastering fills in the outlined area by etching away at the surface of the material creating a ‘solid’ but engraved look.

The detail that we can achieve with both these processes make it applicable to almost any industry and any material, it all depends on your project and specification. To have a chat about how we can help with your project, fill out the contact form and we will be in touch. 

Skills & Experience

Three Decades of Excellence


Established over 30 years ago


Over 1000 clients served per year

Dynamic Design

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We deliver completely bespoke, dynamic designs based on your artwork

Innovative Solutions

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We provide in-house end-end support across your entire project - no matter how simple or complex

Time Sensitive

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We work with you to ensure that your project is delivered on time and on point

Laser Cutting Services is proud to have delivered projects for organisations, nonprofits, global corporations and start-ups over the last 30 years. See case studies from some of our most well-known partners below.