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UK stencil maker, Laser Cutting Services, makes custom cut stencils for projects in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow, Edinburgh.

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We laser cut custom stencils; stencil cutting, bespoke stencils and personalised stencils in polyester film. We also cut lasercut fabric, acrylic and various other materials.

UK premier stencil manufacturer and laser cutting service

UK Custom Stencil Manufacturer and Laser Cutting Service

Laser Cutting Services, Custom Stencil maker UK providing the best quality custom stencil designs and laser stencil cutting service. From bespoke stencils to very large stencils, from a street stencil to an industrial stencil or commercial stencil, from film props to fashion accessories, any shape, size or quantity; our extensive knowledge and over 20 years of creative and technical expertise in laser cut stencils and laser cutting ensures you receive, as top stencil makers UK, a unique stencil product and service.

The lasercutit UK stencil maker's team specialise in providing a custom cutting service and making bespoke stencils for your laser cut projects. Laser Cutting Services excel in producing extra large custom stencils for commercial stencil projects, advertising and wall signage.

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Our current projects

Check out our Gallery of Custom Stencil Projects to include: large commercial stencils, wall stencils, signage stencils, street graffiti stencils, chalk spray stencils, bodyart tattoo stencils, advertising stencils, logo/branding stencils, laser fabric cutting, paper and card cutting, greeting cards, invitations, cappuccino stencils, catering stencils, interior decorating stencils.
Materials include: Polyester film, Mylar, paper, card acrylic, Perspex, plastics, self adhesive vinyls, cotton, silk, leather, neoprene

About us

Watch the lasercutit team YouTube video

Watch the lasercutit YouTube video.

Laser cutting services and custom stencil makers UK. Our client list includes: Nestle, Starbucks, Stena, Jameson, Tour of Britain, Anchor Butter, Laura Ashley, John Lewis, The O2 and The Olympic Delivery Authority. We also provide custom stencils for TV, film, theatre and the music industry.

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