Clean Graffiti stencils in production for Liverpool Football Club
You’ll never recycle alone – Liverpool Football Club

The Enquiry
Our client, Absolute Clean, was approached by Liverpool Football Club to reverse graffiti…

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Stencilled lettering close up
Helipad / Helideck Stencils

Why use a stencil?
Stenciling a helipad/helideck can be a good solution for both a new installation…

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GE wind turbine
Supporting Dogger Bank Wind Farm

Dogger Bank Wind farm is a group of offshore wind farms located more than 130km off the North East Coast…

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Sarah, our MD, signing the visitor's wall at the Cut & Run exhibition by Banksy
Our MD on 'Cut & Run' by Banksy

An interview with MD of Laser Cutting Services on 'Cut & Run' by stencil artist Banksy

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Sophie Merriner's final year collection - So Crawley
Laser Cutting for Fashion

Sophie Merriner's Collection

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Reserved parking stencilled signage
Using Stencils Within Construction


Way-finding stencils
Stair nosing templates
Branding stencil
Identification stencils

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Panels created for MSI Global shown behind a red Toyota
Toyota Activation

Toyota Activation by MSL Global, a leading experimental marketing agency

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Closeup of the stencils on the Balmoral offshore rig
Balmoral Helipad Stencil

An offshore helideck identification stencil for the Wood Group
At a glance specifics

Material used…

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