Ditch Milk advert for Oatly sprayed with stencils onto building
Using stencils for cost-effective marketing and branding

Laser cut stencils are a simple and cost-effective method of creating brand awareness.

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Liberty of London Christmas window display with hundreds of laser cut decorations
How can Lasercutit help you create interesting and creative installations for the festive period?

Capturing the magic of Christmas must be challenging, especially when each year the display has to outdo the last!

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Pit lane logos applied on race track using extra large stencils supplied by Laser Cut It
From Laser Cut It to The World’s Racing Tracks

We had the pleasure of assisting and providing extra-large logo stencils for the Roadgrip Motorsport team who are global specialists in track branding.

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Short poem stencilled onto city street in white letters
Turning poetry into stencils for Severn Arts

Eye catching, attention grabbing multi part stencils from poetry written by the creatives of Worcester.

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Large letters spelling Grace with a love heart, all illuminated with individual bulbs inset in the letters and heart
How laser cutting can help your business shine

We helped Party Snaps Photos Illuminated Letters come to life using laser cut MDF; here’s what we can do for you.

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Extra large Helipad landing logo on ship at sea
How to apply your helipad stencil

At LCS we specialise in custom making extra large and supersize stencils, including for helipads, airport landing sites or other big projects.

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Applying lettering onto MDF using a stencil and blue spray paint
How do I prevent paint getting under my stencil or bleeding?

Whether it’s your first or fiftieth time, find out more about how to stop your stencil bleeding and get a crisp edge every time.

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Yoga on the Edge - yoga studio exterior
Custom signs for Yoga on the Edge

Creating customised signs for your shop re-fit, whether its interior or exterior, couldn’t be easier. LCS have got you covered.

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Funnel of MS Borealis stencilled with extra large logo in red, blue and white
Extra large stencils for unique projects

Lasercut stencils can be cut from any design including; Logos, Advertising statements and custom artwork. 

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