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Custom Stencils

We specialise in creating custom stencils from your logo or unique design. From extra-large stencils for ships to stencils for high-end art installations, we specialise in handling high-volume, complex & logistically challenging stencil projects, there is no challenge too big!

What is a custom stencil?

Bespoke stencils are made in varying thicknesses of material dependent on the end use of the stencil. We make most of our stencils using Polyester film, which is a highly durable and reusable material. We understand that each project is different, therefore we provide a quote unique for each job whether it is for one extra large stencil or multiple copies of a coffee stencil. Our video how to guides will help you get the best results from your stencils, even if this is your first time using them.

shopping signage on wall

Wall Stencils

Wall stencils are made from the artwork you supply, ready for stencilling onto both exterior and interior walls.

Your text, large letters, alphabet, numbers or logo stencils can be used in a variety of different commercial or industrial applications including; Office interiors, advertising campaigns or branding signage in boardrooms, cafes, pubs, hotels/restaurants.

In addition, we often create stencils that are used on exterior walls or large structures such as; Towers, Bridges, buildings, car parks and construction sites.

Your custom wall stencil will be made from a reusable and washable polyester film and we can make your stencil to fit any dimensions.

Logo Stencils

We take your logo/design and convert it into a stencil which can then be used for many different commercial or industrial applications such as:

● On interior walls or flooring for office branding,
● Promotional campaigns,
● Packaging or logo branding signage in your boardroom,
● Café, pub, hotel restaurant or interior design fit-out.

Exterior uses include advertising on walls, on any kind of structure- towers, bridges, buildings, hoardings, in carparks or on construction sites.

Street Stencils

Whether it is a creative design or simple text we can convert your artwork into stencils that can be easily used for various applications including;

Street art, street advertising, road marking campaigns, carparks and construction sites.

Your stencil is made from reusable polyester or polypropylene which is suitable for use with many different paints on most surface areas including; wood, stone, concrete, mono-block and metal. We custom make to any size.

Clean Graffiti Stencils

Offering an alternative to the traditional street stencils, Clean graffiti stencils can be used to create a “pop- up” effect campaign.

Reverse graffiti / Jet wash stencils are ideal for “Flash advertising” a product. They could be used for music promotion, sporting or social media events as they can be quickly created by pressure washing through pavement grime to reveal your promotional message or design.

They are temporary and therefore do not need washing off or removing after a period of time.

Body Stencils

Also known as temporary tattoo or face painting stencils, these stencils can be used on the face, all over the body and on hair/nails.

We can supply stencils with an “all over” repeat pattern or as one-off symbols, text or logos. Our body stencils are used extensively by airbrush and temporary tattoo suppliers, at trade shows, on fashion shoots and for celebrity party events.

We have supplied temporary body tattoos for stage and screen make-up designers. For these types of stencils, we use polyester self-adhesive film which can be sized to your custom specification.

Self Adhesive Vinyl Stencils

There are two type of paint masking (Self Adhesive Vinyl) stencils; flat and flexi.

Flat is used when your text is too small to work in any other material or when you don’t want bridges holding in the centres of letters or design parts. Flexi is required when your design is to be applied to a 3D shape or a shape with curvature.

Commonly used by artists and designers for sculptural models or by the automotive industry. Our vinyl stencils are provided with a release paper for easy application and we can size them to custom specifications.

Stencil Material

The material used for your stencil depends on the end use.

Standard stencils are made using polyester film, however varying thickness of polyester or different material are used for projects with specific requirements.

We are able to give expert advice regarding your stencil and the appropriate material.

Logo stencils used to brand outdoor bar area

Stencil Sizes

From tiny text and coffee stencils to giant letters many meters high, whatever the available space you have for your project we take your artwork and custom make a stencil to suit. If your image is really large, we work with your artwork and custom make a stencil to suit and provide the stencil in usable parts for ease of applications.

We can make stencils in sizes from 4mm to any size.

We also add an appropriate border to your design to allow for overspray.


Stencil Application

Our stencils can be used on many different surfaces, we aim to ensure that you always get good results and are on hand with useful tips and tricks to getting the perfect stencilling result.

We also have various handy How To (accessed from the main menu) videos which offer a step-by-step process for all types of stencilling.

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Stef Midmer - Senior PR, Virgin Trains