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Custom wall stencils for side of building advertising HSBC Birmingham

Custom Stencils

All you need to know to design and order your stencils

What is a custom stencil?

Custom stencils are made to order from your logo or design. We make wall, logo, street, clean graffiti, bodyart or self adhesive vinyl stencils for branding projects, advertising campaigns or event promotion.

Ordering a custom stencil is easy, simply send us your logo or artwork we'll take your image, convert it into a cutting file and recreate your design for spray-painting onto walls or other interior or exterior surface. We can quote to make a stencil in whatever size you require. There is no limit.

Custom stencils, also known as bespoke or personalised stencils, are made in varying thicknesses of material. We recommend and make stencils in reusable polyester film, tradename Polymex, also known as Mylar. 

We've masses of experience over our 20 years working with agencies, designers and specifiers and clients attest that we are often the only stencil maker able to handle high volumes and to take on the logistically challenging.


Wall Stencils

Stencils for interior/ exterior walls.

Laser cut from reusable, washable Polyester film.

Custom made. No size limit. Any quantity.

Use with aerosol, chalk-spray or paint with roller, brush or sponge.

custom-stencils/custom-logo-stencil-fever tree.jpg

Logo Stencils

Stencils from your logo for walls, furniture, garments, anywhere!

Laser cut from reusable Polyester film.

Custom made. No size limit. Any quantity.

Use with aerosol, chalk-spray or paint with roller, brush or sponge.


Street Art Stencils

Stencils for road marking, streets or pavements.

Laser cut from reusable Polyester film.

Custom made. No size limit. Any quantity.

Use aerosol or semi-permanent chalk-spray.


Clean Graffiti Stencils

Also known as reverse graffiti or clean advertising stencils.

Laser cut from reusable Polyester film.

Custom made. No size limit. Any quantity.

Use with a jet wash/pressure washer.


Body Stencils

Bodyart or face paint stencils, also known as temporary tattoo stencils.

Laser cut from body-safe Polyester film.

Custom made. Any size. High volumes available.

Options are single use with a sticky-back or repeat use with body safe adhesive.


Vinyl Stencils

Self adhesive stencils.

Laser cut from flexi vinyl paint mask.

Stencils are single use with a sticky-back.

Any size. High volumes available.

Use when decorating/marking 3D objects.

Custom Stencils - Key features

  • Flexible – can be rolled, easy to use
  • Durable – available in various thicknesses
  • Re-useable and washable
  • Unlimited size
  • Application and material advice given
  • Fast turnaround - next day delivery

Stencil Materials

  • Standard - Polyester film for most designs and logos
  • Jet wash - thicker for clean advertising stencils
  • Bakery - thinner and more flexible for stencilling cakes
  • Body-art - thinnest and most flexible for temporary tattoos
  • Paint mask - sticky back vinyl, for small design/text stencils
  • 3D paint mask - ultra-flexible vinyl, for stencilling curves
  • PETG - transparent material, for easy drinks stencilling
  • Magnetic sheet - for stencilling onto metals

If you need the tech specs check out the Laser Cutting Materials section (scroll down).

Logo stencil for Fever Tree cut from standard polyester film.
Polyester film was used for this logo stencil.

Stencil Sizes

From tiny text and coffee stencils to giant letters many metres high, whatever the available space you have for your project, we take your artwork and custom make a stencil to suit. If your image is really large, we work with you and recreate in usable parts for ease of application. 

  • Minimum - text height 4mm
  • Maximum - any size, there's no limit

If your project is REALLY big you can also check out the info on Extra Large Stencils.

Two people measuring the height of a letter E stencil for the Emirates logo
Image shows a letter E from the Emirates logo sized over 1 metre high.

Stencil Application

Our stencils can be used on many different surfaces. We aim to ensure you get good results, so please ask if you need any help and advice:

  • Surfaces - walls, floors, grass, furniture, pavements or roads
  • Weights - small sand bags can be used on flat surfaces
  • Positioning - Repositionable spraymount can be used
  • Alignment - we can advise re vertical/ horizontal placement
  • Application - chalkspray, sponge, brush or roller

If you’re needing more help you can check out our How To videos.

Stencil application for Virgin Trains 'It's a wonderful line' Christmas campaign
Check out how this feat was achieved in our Virgin Trains' behind the scenes video.

Other companies declined as too big a job. There's no way we could have done it without your tireless efforts; we're so appreciative of your proactive attitude and incredible hard work you put in to make our Christmas campaign a success.

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