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Sarah reviewing artwork at a computer

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Ordering, materials and FAQ

Here's what to do

  • Send us your logo, image or artwork
  • We give you a quote for your stencils or laser cutting
  • We send an artwork proof prior to cutting your job
  • We use UPS or TNT, Local, National and International
  • We send a payment link with your VAT invoice
  • You can pay by credit or debit card. Or BACS if requested
  • All jobs Pro Forma. Accounts considered based on volume
  • Dispatch is NEXT DAY, or to meet your deadline
Request a quote
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Needing help?

Here's advice on materials we cut, end uses and FAQ.

Photo shows 4 stencil materials to illustrate thickness and opacity (PETG is clear)
Image shows 125, 350, 500 micron Polyester film and 1.5mm PETG

Which stencil material?

Most stencils are made in Polymex, a flexible, durable, re-usable and easy to clean Polyester film. Also known as Mylar. You can choose a stencil material or we will recommend the most suitable for your project.

  • 350 micron (0.35mm) - our ‘standard’ stencil material
  • 500 micron (0.5mm) - for jet wash clean graffiti stencils
  • 125micron (0.125mm) - for body-art face paint stencils
  • 190micron (0.190mm) -  for stencilling bakery products
  • Paint mask - sticky back, for small design/text stencils
  • 3D paint mask - ultra-flexible, for stencilling curves
  • PETG (1.5mm) - transparent, for stencilling drinks
  • Magnetic sheet - for stencilling onto metal

All stencils (excluding PETG) can be stored flat or on a roll. 

Montage showing materials that can be laser cut including acrylic, card, fabric and wood
Image shows a selection of materials you can have laser cut

Laser Cutting Materials

We hold some standard materials in stock and can order in others specifically for your project.


  • Man made or natural fabrics - for fashion and interiors incl.cotton, linen, silk, wool, polyester, leather and latex
  • Acrylic Perspex - for installations and signage
  • Acrylic Trolase - engraving laminate for products and signs
  • Wood/Ply/MDF - for installations and products
  • Card and paper - for installations and corporate invitations, 80 - 270 gsm is standard, heavier is feasible.
  • HIPS (Styrene) - for products and installations
  • PTFE (Teflon) - for washers, gaskets and products
  • Zotefoam - for packaging inserts and products

A complementary test cutting service is available for unusual materials. We make prototype samples and can provide unit prices for production.

We use CO2 lasers. A series of lenses and mirrors are precisely aligned to form a fine beam that cuts or engraves by melting through most non-metallic materials. The width of the beam/kerf has a tolerance of +/-1mm (amount of material taken away when cut).  Varying degrees of accuracy can be achieved, depending on intricacy.

Two people measuring a Large letter E stencil used to form the Emirates logo
Measuring a large stencil used to apply Emirates branding to Spinnaker Tower. Each letter is over 1 metre high.

Which size of stencil can I get?

Whether you require large or small, letters or logo - whatever the available space you have for your project, we take your artwork and work out how to make it work as a stencil.

  • From - 65mm2
  • To – No limit, we can make to any size.

We give application advice if required and you can also have a look at our how to videos.

Fever Tree logo on laptop screen
Image shows the artwork file we received from Fever-Tree.

Sending us your artwork

If you’re not sure if the type of file you have will work for laser cutting, send what you have and we can advise. Ideally, we need vector files to be able to quote.

  • AI
  • EPS
  • DXF
  • DWG
  • SVG
  • PDF (must be saved as a vector pdf)

We can look at and give a ‘ballpark’ from other formats.

  • PDF
  • JPEG
  • TIFF
Unit Converter screenshot
Image shows the Unit Converter you can launch with the button opposite.

Unit Converter

We created a handy Unit Converter so you can easily convert between different units of measurement.


Can you make a stencil from my logo?

Yes, whether for coffee or a giant wall we can convert your design to work as a stencil.

How quickly can I get my stencils?

We always aim to meet your deadline. Let us know if you require NEXT DAY service. 

Can I get an extra large scale stencil?

Yes, we can cut to unlimited size, can help with layout and give application advice.

Can I get stencils in high volume?

Yes, whether you have one design needing repeated in the thousands or many designs needing a quantity of each.

Can I see what my stencil will look like?

Yes, we send an artwork proof for your approval prior to cutting your job. For some projects we can also provide a physical sample proof.

How do we keep the centres of letters in place on a stencil?

We add 'bridges' to your stencil. e.g The letter O - We would add a small bridge, top and bottom or each side, so that the 'floating' centre O remains attached. (If desired, once your stencil is applied, the 'gap' the bridges leave can be filled in by hand)

Can I get a prototype laser cut?

Yes, we work with you on developing a new product or design and can quote for one-offs and/or repeat high volume.

Can fine detail be laser cut?

Yes, we have the ability to replicate intricate fine detail in paper, card or fabric that cannot be achieved with die cutting.

How long will it take to laser cut my project?

As we work custom bespoke, each project is quoted based on how long it takes to laser cut your design in your particular material. We will work out a critical path backwards from your deadline.

How do I pay?

We send a payment link with your VAT invoice. You can pay by credit or debit card, or BACS by request. All jobs are Pro Forma. Accounts will be considered based on volume/ repeat business.