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Laser cut acrylic panels for Rex Cinema

Laser cut acrylic panels

For Rex Cinema

Rex Cinema

Laser cut Trolase metallic

The guys at Rex needed decor panels and signs for their vast restoration project of this iconic cinema.

We laser cut trolase for the entire bar frontage and directional signage.

Technical info

Dimensions: Panels - 1000mm high x various widths

Material: Brushed gold / black core modified impact acrylic 1.6mm

Application: Panels were adhered to the bar, signs to the foyer doors.

Project details

Location: Wilmslow

Artwork: Very complex art deco design was recreated in digital format.

Manufacturing: All panels were raster engraved .08mm to show the black layer underneath

This video shows our signage work and laser cut panels for The Rex Cinema in Wilmslow. Working closely with The Mundin family, orchestrators of this hotly anticipated restoration project, the new-look Rex was unveiled in December.

If you’re ever in Wilmslow, you can’t miss it!

..it’s been manic at the Rex, we have had over 10,000 admissions which is great and utter carnage at the same time! Fab, Thanks Sarah!

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