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Laser cut, pre-printed card made into rubber plant leaves to create a living wall exhibition display



Laser cut printed card

Mirri, a division of Celloglas asked us to work with them on laser cutting pre-printed card into giant rubber plant leaves, to promote their eco-conscious brands at Retail Expo 2019.

Technical info

Dimensions: From 300 - 500mm high

Material: Mirri lens ( printed 3D effect) Mirri eco ( enviro friendly metallic) Mirri oyster

Application: Leaves and insects were installed to create a ‘living wall'

Project details

Location: Olympia, London

Artwork: Various shapes and sizes of leaves and insects were represented

Manufacturing: The laser cut holes replicate the holes in the leaves Hunderds of leaves were cut on our large 2400 x 1200mm flat bed machines

The stand looks amazing. Thank you for your help [with the hundreds of laser cut leaves].

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