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Laser cut fabric

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We laser cut fabric as tutu embellishments; an integral part of the costumes designed by Lez Brotherston, Artistic Director of Scottish Ballet, for his production of ‘The Nutcracker’.

We loved the designs when we first saw them but there’s nothing like seeing, what we only see as a drawing file and then a laser cut piece, looks like in actuality! This video shows the beautiful costumes on stage in Scottish Ballet’s production of ‘The Nutcracker’ We were delighted with how the Principal dancer and Corps de ballet tutu’s looked in this fabulous and opulent production.

Video credit – Scottish Ballet

Technical info

Dimensions: Design cut within an ouside circle diameter of 1200mm approx.

Material: Crepe georgette

Application: The giant snowflakes were stitched under the top layer of many, many layers of spakling tulle

Project details

Location: Glasgow, Newcastle

Artwork: A giant snowflake ‘correlli work’ scroll. Used for The Sugar Plum Fairy and Corps de Ballet

Manufacturing: The design was laser cut in a one piece circle with a hole for the dancer’s waist

Lez Brotherston is one of the UK’s best theatre designers, so many people have commented on the costumes in particular. Lez is famed for working with Matthew Bourne on many of his productions.

"They look really opulent, have been beautifully designed and we have had many comments on the costumes and sets."