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Blue sky and clouds stencilled on concrete wall leading to the 2012 Olympic park

Large scale stencil panels

Olympic Legacy logo

Artists Oscar and Ewan, needed large stencils for a London 2012 project for the Olympic Port Authority. The aim was to give the skyline back to locals after disruption.

This video shows the application team from Lucas spray-painting through our pixelated squares stencils. You’d never believe that, when finished, this becomes the perfectly painted clouds scene, all along the many metres of Angel Lane bridge in London’s East End.

Video credit – Oscar and Ewan

Technical info

Dimensions: 3M high Bridge - over 100 M each side

Material: Polyester film, 350 micron ( 0.35mm)

Application: Spray painted onto prepared concrete. Each panel was taped and spray glued to aid adhesion

Project details

Location: Stratford, East London

Artwork: We worked from the designers' clouds design

Manufacturing: Holes were cut representing pixelated clouds. Each stencil was numbered on all sides to register

It all went extremely well considering the difficulties... more of challenge than the last one but with the experience of the last phase and some really slick planning, everyone did a fantastic job.

Thanks for your support and service on this which, as always, is top quality and very hands on.