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Large wall stencils

HSBC logo

Text and logo stencils were made for the Global Street Art team as part of the HSBC ‘We are not an island’ campaign and run in cities across the UK.

"You’re not an island"

HSBC’s multi media campaign was quite thought provoking and affirmative.

This video shows our extra large stencils, required to get these promo messages across, being applied to walls across the UK

A challenging project, but we have the required experience and expertise to deal with large scale stencilling projects of this size.

The Global Street Art guys used scaffolding, cherry pickers and a LOT of paint - You certainly can’t miss this message!

Video credit – Global Street Art

Technical info

Dimensions: HSBC logo within 4.5M high. 14 large letter text stencils, 2.5M wide.

Material: Polyester film, 350 micron (0.35mm).

Application: Paints/ rollers onto painted exterior wall. Duct tape helps adhere stencils to the wall. Scaffolding was used and the team masked off areas to avoid overspray.

Project details

Location: Birmingham

Artwork: Each text features local references unique to the UK and state rallying cries which demonstrate that each city has international ties that help them to thrive.

Manufacturing: The text and logo design were broken down into multiple large stencils. Registration points were made to make it easier for the team to apply the stencils to the wall.

This was quite technical due to the scale and well within our expert capabilities - we love it when there's a challenge! We split the design into manageable pieces to make the process easier. We’re delighted with the result and look forward to working with the Global Street Art guys again.