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Spinnaker Tower with Emirates branding against blue sky

Extra large stencils project

Spinnaker Tower logo

Text and logo stencils were made to rebrand Portsmouth City Council’s Spinnaker Tower, in recognition of their new sponsors, Emirates, and timed to coincide with The America's Cup events.

This video shows the finished result after extra large stencils were used to apply the Emirates logo and branding on a tower nearly 200 metres high.

A challenging project, but we have the required experience and expertise to deal with large scale stencilling projects of this size.

An abseiling team were subcontracted to apply the stencils to the tower. Each stencil was over 1 metre high, attached to a work-belt and applied one letter at a time to both pillars and around the tower perimeter.

Technical info

Dimensions: Various large stencils, each letter over 1M high. Tower = 170M high

Material: Polyester film, 350 micron ( 0.35mm)

Application: Hand painted onto steel structure. Each letter carried on a workbelt and painted by an abseiling team!

Project details

Location: Portsmouth

Artwork: Various representations of the Emirates Spinnaker tower branding and logo were made

For ease of application, the letters were each cut individually as ‘positive’ shapes to be drawn around

Great to see you on the site visit. Thanks again for all your help on the tower stencils... the pictures show how how well they are progressing with the painting.