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Road cyclists racing past the 7 Stanes logo applied to the road for the Tour of Britain event in Dumfries & Galloway

Road marking stencils project

Large text and logo stencils were made to mark the course for stage 3 of the Tour of Britain, in conjunction with sponsors 7stanes and Scottish Borders.

This video shows the finished result after extra large stencils were used to apply the Emirates logo and branding on a tower nearly 200 metres high.

A challenging project, but we have the required experience and expertise to deal with large scale stencilling projects of this size.

An abseiling team were subcontracted to apply the stencils to the tower. Each stencil was over 1 metre high, attached to a work-belt and applied one letter at a time to both pillars and around the tower perimeter.

Technical info

Location: Dumfries & Galloway

Dimensions: URL’s were 7m long to be seen from helicopters Material: Polyester film, 350 micron (0.35mm)

Application: Temporary road marking spray paints were used (wears away - any residue removed by jetwash) 7 stanes logo paints were matched to Pantone colours

Project details

Location: Scottish Borders

Artwork: Scottish borders logo 7 stanes logo Cycle Scottish borders URL

Manufacturing: The extra long text stencils were joined into a one piece long roll to enable team to apply quickly The multi colour logo stencils were cut in a layer per colour

Getting the chance to see our stencils in use at the Tour of Britain was fab!

On this occasion we worked closely with the guys at 7 Stanes on applying their logo stencils to the road to have maximum effect on the day and disappear over time...