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Road cyclists racing past the 7 Stanes logo applied to the road for the Tour of Britain event in Dumfries & Galloway

Tour of Britain

Tour of Britain

Road marking stencils project

Large text and logo stencils were made to mark the course for stage 3 of the Tour of Britain, in conjunction with sponsors 7stanes and Scottish Borders.

Technical info

Location: Dumfries & Galloway

Dimensions: URL’s were 7m long to be seen from helicopters Material: Polyester film, 350 micron (0.35mm)

Application: Temporary road marking spray paints were used (wears away - any residue removed by jetwash) 7 stanes logo paints were matched to Pantone colours

Project details

Location: Scottish Borders

Artwork: Scottish borders logo 7 stanes logo Cycle Scottish borders URL

Manufacturing: The extra long text stencils were joined into a one piece long roll to enable team to apply quickly The multi colour logo stencils were cut in a layer per colour

Getting the chance to see our stencils in use at the Tour of Britain was fab!

On this occasion we worked closely with the guys at 7 Stanes on applying their logo stencils to the road to have maximum effect on the day and disappear over time...

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