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Laser Cutting for Theatre and Film Sets


Laser cut fabric tutu Scottish Ballet
Can I have specialist materials laser cut?

We can laser cut an extensive range of thin, thick, hard and soft materials.

We are experts and have the skills and experience required in laser cutting paper, card, fabric, leather, wood or acrylic for theatre, film and TV sets. We specialise in finding a solution to particularly challenging projects and can make recommendations regards cutting specialist and performance fabrics. Send us your artwork and we will work with you on how best to achieve the desired effect. We offer a test–cutting facility if you require unusual material laser cut.

Who uses laser cut materials for the performance industries?

We work with costume designers and set designers from theatre and film productions requiring laser cut costumes accessories or props. We have laser cut voile ribbons for The National Theatre stage, leather leaves for Shakespeare’s Globe and tutus and costumes for Scottish Ballet and Birmingham Royal Ballet.

Using your lasercut theatre or film production props

Film production prop
Film production prop
Laser cutting bed sizes

We can lasercut tiny video props such as these black Polyester film glasses or up to a maximum of 2 x 1.5M.

We excel in laser cutting repeat designs in a continuous roll on our fabric roll-feed system.

TV progamme prop
TV progamme prop
Laser cutting materials

We lasercut Acrylic Perspex, paper and card, fabrics and leather, Tyvek, Polyester film, HIPS , MDF, plywood and similar sheet materials.

We are experts in working out solutions for cutting specialist fabric.

Costume design
Costume design
Laser cutting prototypes

If you are unsure what material will be the best option for your laser cut project, we offer test cutting and a sample prototype service to test your design/ material before going into full production.

Movie props
Movie props
Specialist materials

We can help you select the optimum performing material to replicate an original product. Such as this fan for the movie ‘The Duchess’ - laser cut in Polyester film reproduce the original ivory.

Chat to us about laser cutting your props -
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Which material?

  • We work with costume designers, product designers, film and TV productions to help select the best material for your project; be it an acrylic stage prop, Tyvek panels or an organza tutu.
  • We can laser cut acrylic up to 10mm thick, and can raster engrave thicker than this. Plywood and MDF we can laser cut up to 6mm thick.
  • Some projects require specialist treatment – we offer a test cutting service for your particular fabric.


Size and quantity?

  • We laser cut many and varied materials up to 1.5m x 2m. Polyester film and many fabrics can be cut using our continuous roll feed system - up to a 50m roll.
  • Once we have carried out any test cuts and prior to bulk production, we can provide a full-size or scaled prototype sample as required. We sample and make custom stop frame animation pieces.
  • We can make from one prototype to thousands of pieces, shapes or items. Please ask.


Need some advice?

  • Let us know your brief - whether you require laser cut plastic sunglasses or an acrylic stage set piece, we have the skills and experience to help.
  • We offer a register to print service where pre-printed material can be lasercut to produce your finished item, garment or prop. A night–shift service is available for high volume projects.
  • To discuss or order laser cutting for your theatre, film or TV animation, set or costume, contact us now.


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About LCS

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