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Laser cutting acrylic, plastics and wood for product, interiors and display


Laser engraved acrylic reception desk panels
Which hard sheet materials can I have laser cut?

We can laser cut an extensive range of acrylic Perspex, plastics and other hard materials in various thicknesses.

We are laser cutting specialists and have the skills and experience required to personalise your brand or pattern decorate. We enjoy working with you on the solution to challenging projects and can make recommendations regards cutting specialist materials. We offer a test – cutting and prototyping facility prior to cutting your product or laser cut piece.

Who uses our laser cut hard materials?

We work with product designers on retail products and accessories, model makers, interior designers shop and interior fit-outs on and visual merchandisers on window or in-store display. We have engraved an NHS hospital reception desk, lighting discs for a luxury hotel and MDF figures for an art installation.

Using your laser cut acrylic, plastics or wood

Model making
Model making
Laser cutting machines

We can lasercut small pieces for jewellery, models or products or larger pieces for interiors and installations. We can lasercut your hard materials up to 2 x 1.5m in one piece.

We also cut larger or multiple adjoining parts.

Acrylic lighting discs
Acrylic lighting discs
Interior designers

We can design your piece such as these lighting discs, or work form your artwork.

We liaise with your subcontractors providing lasercut components to architects, interior designers and commercial fit –out specialists for installation.

Fashion accessory
Fashion accessory
Laser cutting prototypes

We offer a test cutting service to test your design/ material before going into full production.

HIPS styrene cuts shapes well as seen in this headpiece accessory for a fashion designer and milliner’s fashion show.

Art installation
Art installation
Specialist materials

We can advise on the best material for laser cutting to achieve your desired effect, such as this art gallery piece, laser cut in MDF and hand painted by the client.

We can laser cut shapes or raster engrave on MDF or plywood.

Chat to us about laser cutting plastics -
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Which material?

  • Acrylic Perspex can be laser cut up to 10mm thick, and we can raster engrave on thicker than this. Plywood and MDF can be laser cut up to 6mm thick. We can also laser cut veneers, HIPS styrene, Polyester films and plastic sheet materials.
  • Looking for a particular treatment? We offer a material and cutting test service.
  • You can send in your own material or we keep some stock. Happy to order in bespoke materials when logistics dictate.


Size and quantity?

  • We can laser cut many and varied hard sheet materials up to 1.5M x 2M. Polyester film can be laser cut using our continuous roll feed system - up to a 50 metre roll.
  • Full-size or scaled prototype sampling is available. Once we have carried out any test cuts and prior to laser cutting multiple copies bulk production.
  • We have the facilities to laser cut from one prototype to thousands of pieces, shapes or items.


Need some advice?

  • We work with commercial decorators, artists, product designers, model makers and visual merchandisers to help with cutting your project; be it an acrylic palm tree, fashion accessory or an MDF figure.
  • Night–shifts are available for high volume production projects.
  • To discuss or order laser cutting of acrylic, wood and plastics for your interior or fashion project, prototypes or 3D models contact us now.


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About LCS

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