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Frequently Asked Questions


Shipping - where do you deliver to?

We deliver throughout mainland UK and islands, Europe, USA, Canada, UAE and beyond and have competitive standard UK and overseas charges.

  • Can I have my parcel delivered to a different address(es)/person?
    – Yes, provided you let us know in good time prior to collection.
  • Do I need to sign for my order?
    – Yes you, or a company representative need to sign and check the contents/packaging (please raise any issues within 24hrs).
  • Can I request a timed delivery?
    – Yes, we offer pre 9, pre 10 or pre noon, weekdays or Saturdays.
  • Can I track my order?
    – Yes, we automatically track and notify when you can expect it however, if required we can give you the tracking code (especially for out of office hours).
How will my order be sent?

We use a next day courier service or for small samples/test cuts – Royal Mail. We securely flat pack all stencil orders (we can roll if required, but thicker material (500 micron and up) can retain a ‘memory’). Fabrics are returned on a roll. (N.B. We strongly recommend you send fabrics to be laser cut also on a roll as creases mean your laser cutting can be severely affected).

How can I pay?

We take all major credit/debit cards (excl. AmEx) or bacs (BACS details are on all invoices).

  • I need a VAT receipt
    – Yes, a copy VAT sales receipt can be provided, over and above your ‘standard’ invoice.
  • If on account, can I get a monthly statement?
    – Yes, these are automatically sent out at the end of each month.
  • Can I request a duplicate invoice/delivery note?
    – Yes, these can be emailed/printed off at any time. Just ask!
Do you make stencils?

Yes, we are stencil makers for corporate, private sector, companies and individuals.

What is a custom stencil?

A custom stencil is where we convert your logo or design artwork files ready for laser cutting. Alternatively, if you already have a design we can cut directly from your vector or illustrator files. Custom stencils can be made in all types of stencil film for product branding, advertising, company logos and marketing stencils.

Do you cut 'one off' stencils?

Yes, LCS will cut from one to thousands of your stencil designs - whatever you require!

Do you cut prototypes?

Yes, LCS offer a prototyping service. Call us to discuss your laser cutting requirements.

How quickly can I get a stencil?

We offer one of the quickest turnaround services of UK laser cutting companies. Our standard job turnaround is a couple of days however, we also provide a Premier ‘rush job’ next day service if required.

Which file format will I send you?

We can work from visuals, vector or bitmap. See our file preparation section for further advice.

Will I see a proof before I order?

Yes, we always send an artwork proof prior to laser cutting your stencils or project items.

What will the laser cut stencils be made of?

We use industry standard Polyester films in a variety of grades. See our stencil materials/laser cutting materials sections for further info.

I need an extra large stencil - what size stencils can you cut?

We cut large and small stencils, although there are limitations on the amount of detail we can cut in a small area. We have a large cutting area and can stencils in one piece. If you require a really large stencil we simply make it more than one piece and provide registration points for lining up each subsequent piece as required.

We can also laser cut stencils on our roll feed to give you ‘by the linear metre’ stencils.

Can you laser cut fabric?

Yes, Lasercutit can cut an extensive range of fabrics and textiles; silk, cotton, leather, rubber, sailcloth, wool, felt and many more. If you require your design laser cut as a continuous linear metre piece, we can use our roll feed system. See our stencil materials/laser cutting materials sections for further info.

I have a ‘repeat pattern’ design. Can you laser cut it in fabric?

Yes. If you require your design laser cut as a continuous linear metre piece, we can use our roll feed system to register repeat the design.

What other materials do you cut?

Lasercutit cut a wide range of plastics including; Mylar, Polyester film, acetate, Perspex, acrylic, paper and card, wood and neoprene. We can recommend/advise you on the appropriate choice of polyester film or material best suited to the job.

Can you laser cut fabrics for fashion?

Yes, we produce laser cutting for many fashion and costume designers. Especially as the nature of the laser cutting process means that any fabric containing a synthetic fibre will seal the edge when laser cut. Our laser cutting machines will cut synthetic and natural fibres. An extensive range of fabrics can be cut and we offer a test cutting facility for any unusual fabrics.

Can you laser cut fine detail?

Yes, for paper, card or fabric: We have the ability the ability to achieve the very fine detail required, that cannot be achieved with die cutting or any other traditional method of cutting. The flexibility of our specially developed drawing software allows designs to be easily amended.

For stencils: We work with you and recommend a material thickness for the level of intricacy that can be achieved.

Can you lasercut printed card?

Yes, we work with your printer or we source for you. We require a cutting file which illustrates the printed areas/ laser cut areas. If we have to register to print the printer needs to provide with a ‘bleed’ .

About LCS

Sarah stared her business over 20 years ago, making stencils and providing laser cutting to companies and designers all over the world.

She is supported by an able team of creatives, marketeers and techy whizzes who ensure you get a quality product on time.