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Liven up and brand your drink in a way which is sure to leave a lasting impression!

  1. Prepare the cocktail to your chosen recipe (Foam effects vary for egg white, pouring/ whipped cream or fizz mix)
  2. Aim to achieve a smooth even froth that covers the surface and make sure you stop before the top of the rim (not to be ‘flush’)
  3. Rest the stencil on the rim of the glass to get close to the froth and lessen ‘hand shake’ (We custom design a 'handy handle')
  4. For a sharp result, sprinkle lightly and evenly with sugar crystals, bitters spray or coloured icing suga
  5. Remove your stencil carefully (If the froth has dropped, you can carefully top up the drink at the side of your glass to raise the foam ( to below rim)