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Latte Art with logos and stencils.

  1. Prepare the coffee with a good proportion of fresh milk. (Full fat works best for frothing)
  2. Aim to achieve a smooth froth that covers the surface and stops below the rim
  3. Rest the stencil on the rim of the cup to get as close to the froth as possible - we provide a handy handle
  4. For a sharp result sprinkle lightly and evenly with (sifted) cocoa, powdered chocolate or coloured icing sugar
  5. Remove the stencil carefully
  6. If the froth has dropped, you can carefully top up the milk at the side of your cup to raise the foam
  7. Serve with a generous slice of your favourite cake...

Your company logo can be adapted into a quick, effective method to increase brand awareness, making a simple coffee into a promotional item

How do I order a coffee stencil?

  1. Send us your logo, emoji, symbol, text, strap-line or message artwork
  2. Let us know what size of cups, mugs or cartons you are using
  3. We will advise on the suitability of your design and will simplify to suit if required
  4. We will send you an artwork proof, so you can see how your artwork has been interpreted and adapted, prior to cutting and despatch

Our coffee stencils can be used with small domestic coffee makers to large industrial barista machines, are made from food grade Polyester film and are flexible, durable and machine or hand washable. Coffee stencils work with cappuccino, mochaccino, latte or babyccino