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Custom made stencils for the whisky trade


diamond jubilee cask stencils for whisky distillery
Can my logo design be made as a whisky stencil?

Yes, we take your logo and convert/ create for use as a stencil on casks. We provide identification stencils if you need to number the barrels. We can also provide extra-large stencils for signage on distillery walls, car parks, even on copper stills. Our whisky stencils have been used by many agencies and distilleries who supply whisky barrels around the world. We have worked with many iconic brands to help enhance customer experience.

Can my whisky stencil be made to the size I need?

Yes, we make cask stencils to order, standard size being 560mm diameter. Distillery wall or carpark stencils can vary from A sizes up to 20 metres plus.

We also offer a laser cutting service for engraved hardwood whisky boxes. Why not discuss with one of the marketing team.

Using whisky stencils

Distillery wall stencils
Distillery wall stencils
Extra large letters

We can work with you on creating your logo and strapline stencils to produce an extra large wall sign.

Many distillery clients or their agencies use our whisky stencils for rebranding, new product launches, events, promotions or festivals.

Whisky cask stencils
Whisky cask stencils
Barrel ends

Whisky cask stencils can be used inside the distillery for cask marking or, as shown here for Badenoch, outside as a distillery sign.

Cask stencils can be made for any shape, size or type of barrel: Sherry, port, wine and beer.

Whisky brand logo
Whisky brand logo
Your logo brand as a stencil

We can produce stencils to be applied on various interior and exterior surfaces: rendered, brick or stone.

This 6 metre diameter Celtic design was also stencilled on the Ardbeg car park.

Chalkboard stencils
Chalkboard stencils
Whisky advertising

You can also use chalkboard stencils for drinks menus or promotional events.

We have worked with many iconic brands, Ardbeg, Bruichladdich, Glenfiddich, Fettercairn, Glengoyne and Jack Daniels.

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Which material?

  • Wall and cask stencils can be made from a selection of polyester films: Most usually 350 (0.35mm) or 500 micron (0.5mm)
  • For casks, your strapline or identification numbers can be added to each stencil.
  • For distillery walls/larger jobs, depending on your design we may recommend heavier, more robust 500 micron polyester film (0.5mm) according to the application.


Size and quantity?

  • We manufacture small whisky stencils suitable for cocktails or drinks glasses. We also manufacture nosing/ tasting collars to the drinks trade.
  • There is no maximum limit - all our stencils are made to measure. However long your distillery wall we can make stencils to fit.
  • We offer a sample service to test your whisky design prior to the bulk order.


Need some advice?

  • If you need help with logistics or application, especially with large distillery walls, we can advise and/or visit the site.
  • Barrels come in all shapes and sizes so we can make to fit any barrel end. We can also add a handle to your cask stencils for easy positioning.
  • If you need to know about whisky stencils – contact us now.


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