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Custom made coffee stencils for corporate branding


high volume twin pack latte coffee stencils for nestle sweden
Can my design be made as a coffee stencil?

Yes, we take your company logo and manufacture as a coffee stencil for cappuccino or latte in your café, pub or restaurant. You can order a minimum quantity or in high volume and we deliver to the UK, USA/ Canada, UAE and Europe: We worked with Nestle on 20,000 coffee stencils for a supermarkets campaign. Smaller artisan cafes often order our 5 stencil ‘starter pack’.

We make coffee stencils in various materials: Best performing and most durable is PETG, a food grade, flexible, clear (for easy sprinkling) impact resistant plastic with a high gloss finish. For high volume we may offer coffee stencils in Polyester film, still robust, durable and food safe, the finish is creamy semi-opaque.

Can my coffee stencil be made to the size I need?

Yes, ‘standard’ is 85 – 100mm diameter which will suit cappuccino, latte or paper cups, however, we make bespoke cocoa dusters/ coffee stencils to order - in whatever size you require.

Using coffee stencils

PETG coffee stencils
PETG coffee stencils
Can my logo be made as a coffee stencil?

PETG is high impact resistant, flexible, durable, food safe and has a clear glossy finish. This makes PETG Coffee dusters easy to position to get fantastic results on hot frothy milk.

Your logo on a PETG coffee stencil can work well whether you have a high volume business or use with smaller domestic coffee machines.

Polyester film coffee stencils
Polyester film coffee stencils
Can I have my design as a coffee stencil?

Many corporate clients use our coffee stencils for brand awareness, product promotion or corporate gifts. For bulk quantities, polyester film can offer a competitive option.

Whether your logo is intricate – as the bike stencil above or in a bolder font, we can adapt your design or logo to make work as a stencil.

Plate decorating stencils
Plate decorating stencils
I'm looking for food and drink stencils

Our coffee stencils can be used on cappuccino, latte, biscuits, pastries, cakes, desserts – even on cocktails. Why not experiment with powdered chocolate or icing sugar?

Our coffee stencils are also used to add a signature logo flourish to plates or place setting chargers in restaurants or for event promotion.

Shaped coffee stencils
Shaped coffee stencils
I'm looking for shaped coffee stencils

Many people assume coffee stencils are round- we can make any shape or size, incorporating your logo and to suit your cups, mugs, paper cups or cartons.

We can also add any shape of handle for easy chocolate or cocoa dusting application by your barista team. PETG or Polyester film stencils are suitable for multiple use.

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Which material?

  • Our coffee stencils are made from food safe, 1-1.5mm PETG thermo-plastic or 350 Mic (0.35mm) Polyester film.
  • Your logo or strapline can be engraved on each stencil if requested.
  • Depending on your design and available budget, we will recommend the optimum material for your coffee stencils.


Size and quantity?

  • Our stencils are custom made to order – to your dimensions.
  • Our coffee stencil ‘starter packs’ include custom creating your logo as a stencil and x5 copies.
  • Coffee stencils can also be purchased in high volume (50 - 20,000+) of one or multiple custom designs.


Need some advice?

  • Want to see what your design will look like as a coffee stencil? We offer a photo proofing service (pic of your logo cocoa dusted) prior to bulk order.
  • We can discuss logistics and lead times and tailor to suit your production.
  • Need to know more about coffee stencils – contact us now.


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