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Coffee and cocktail with custom logos stencilled on the drinks

Coffee & Cake Stencils

All you need to design and order cocktail or many other food & drink stencils...

Can my logo be made as a coffee stencil?

A custom coffee stencil is made by taking your design, message or logo and converting it into a digital vector file which is uploaded onto a laser cutting machine. Your stencil is laser cut leaving holes in the material of your text or image. As coffee stencils are for use on hot frothy milk, some designs may need simplified.

Coffee stencils are made from clear PETG, a premium quality food safe material. Being able to see through the stencil really helps with positioning and to control how much you are sprinkling.

You coffee stencil will be designed to fit your cups, mugs, plates or glassware and can be used many times as the stencil is reusable and washable. Coffee stencils can also be used on cocktails, cakes, biscuits and plates.

Ordering coffee stencils is easy. Send in your logo and we can quote you on the custom 'Pro starter kit' of 5 or we can give you a unit price for higher volumes. 

We've been making stencils for over 30 years and clients see us the ‘go to’ stencil maker for business. High volumes do not faze us, we've made thousands of stencils for iconic coffee brands and hundreds of cake stencils for commercial bakeries. We have also worked on stencilled bread and on many a cask stencil for iconic whisky distilleries. 

Coffes with Hudson Studios logo stencilled on the foam

Coffee Stencils

Stencils for cappuccino and latte coffees.

Laser cut from food safe reusable PETG.

Custom made to fit your mugs or cartons. Any quantity.

Use with cocoa, powdered sugar or colouring dust.

Cocktail with 'kiss' stencilled on top with pink sugar

Cocktail Stencils

Stencils for drinks and cocktails from your logo.

Laser cut from food safe reusable PETG.

Custom made to fit your glassware. Any quantity.

Use with powdered sugar or colouring dust.

Christmas cake decorated with sowflake stencil by a commercial bakery

Bakery Stencils

Stencils for cupcakes, sponges and celebration cakes.

Laser cut from food safe, reusable Polyester film.

Custom designed to fit your dimensions. Any quantity.

Use with sugar paste or colouring dust.

Bread with interesting designs stencilled on top before baking

Bread Stencils

Stencils for decorating bread loaves and rolls.

Laser cut from food safe, reusable Polyester film.

Custom made to fit your loaf or baking tins. Any quantity.

Use with cocoa or powdered sugar or herbs


Whisky Cask Stencils

Logos stencils or cask marking numbers.

Laser cut from food safe reusable Polyester film.

Custom made to fit your casks or barrels. Any quantity.

Use with aerosol, chalk-spray or paint with brush, roller or sponge.

Ibis hotels logo stencil for coffee

Shaped Stencils

Stencils in any shape for a different effect on your drinks.

Laser cut from food safe reusable PETG.

Custom shaped to fit your cups or cartons. Any quantity.

Use with cocoa, powdered sugar or colouring dust.

Key features

  • From your logo
  • Available in option food safe materials
  • Intricate designs are tested for you
  • Starter pack or high volume
  • Re-usable and washable
  • Next day delivery or to your deadline

Food & Drink stencil materials

All materials are EU/ FDA certified as food safe and are washable and re-uasble.

  • Clear – PETG for stencilling coffees and cocktails
  • Opaque – Polyester film, for larger products
  • Bakery – thinner, more flexible for stencilling cakes


Clear PETG stencil material, 1.5mm thick
Clear PETG stencil material, 1.5mm thick.

Food & Drink stencil sizes

From small cupcake stencils or coffee stencils to fit your cartons, all the way up to stencils for standard whisky casks, whatever the available space on your cup, glass, cake or barrel, we take your artwork and custom make a stencil to suit.

  • Various sizes - we advise based on your crockery, glassware or product dimensions
Cocktail stencil sized 100mm wide to fit glass
Cocktail stencil sized 100mm wide to fit glass.

How to use Food & Drink stencils

Stencilling onto hot frothy milk or drinks can produce different results. Please ask if you need advice or watch our video.

  • Drinks – stencil onto milk or egg-white froth
  • Food – stencil onto bread and cakes
  • Positioning – our stencils are clear or semi-opaque
  • Other Applications – stencil your logo onto whisky casks
Watch this to see our coffee stencil being used on a hot frothy cappucino
See how to make the perfect cappuccino coffee using a coffee stencil.

We were very pleased with the cooperation with Laser Cutting Services. Timely delivery, with efficient service on the way. The [coffee stencils] were exactly what we expected, with good quality and the correct shapes.

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