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 Cocktail Stencils for Drinks Branding

Daisy Cocktail for Canamera Wilmslow Cheshire
Can my logo/ design be made as a cocktail stencil?

Yes, you send us your logo or image and our design team recreate it as the perfect cocktail stencil for drinks in your bar, pub, club, hotel or restaurant. We work mainly B2B with many well-known brands on exhibitions, events, promotions and branding. You can order ‘The Starter Collection’ (x5) or in high volume.

What material are cocktail and drinks stencils made from?

Pliable but most robust and durable is PETG, an impact resistant plastic with a high gloss finish. PETG is clear for ease of positioning and is food use compliant. For high volume but with budget constraints, ask about our Polyester film option.

Can my cocktail stencils be made to the size I need?

We can design your Cocktail stencils in any shape or size, standard is c.85 – 100mm diameter but we can design to suit your glassware.

Image: Camarena Daisy Cocktail (Gin with elderflower liquer, rose syrup and egg whites)

Using cocktail stencils

High Volume Orders
High Volume Orders
Can I have more than one design?

You can order one design repeated across five to thousands of copies or you can have multiple designs split across a bulk order.

Your cocktail stencil can be used on one, or repeatedly on many drinks in a busy bar.

Logo branding drinks
Logo branding drinks
Can my logo be made as a cocktail stencil?

Many corporate clients use our cocktail stencils for branding awareness, product promotion or as corporate gifts.

Whether your logo is intricate or bold, we create and adapt your design to ensure the required effect.

Drinks Branding
Drinks Branding
How do I use PETG Cocktail stencils?

PETG is high impact resistant and is food and dish washer safe. You can have a custom handle and being clear this helps position your stencil for fantastic results on froth or foam.

Your mixologist can experiment with sugar, powders and egg-white.

Laser cutting for cocktail bars
Laser cutting for cocktail bars
Can my logo be made as a cocktail stirrer?

We can take you logo or design and laser cut in acrylic or wood into many promotional branding items: Cocktail/ swizzle sticks or menu covers.

You can also add a signature logo’ flourish’ to plates and chargers or use your stencils as wall art.

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Step by step on using your cocktail stencils

  1. Follow a fave cocktail recipe (Foam with egg white, whipped cream or fizz mix) 
  2. Aim for a smooth even froth that covers surface and stops below top of the rim
  3. Rest the stencil on the rim of the glass  (We custom design a 'handy handle')
  4. For a sharp result sprinkle lightly and evenly with icing sugar or crystals or bitters spray
  5. Remove your stencil carefully. (If froth has dropped, carefully top up at the side) 
  6. Serve with your favourite nibbles...

Which material?

  • MATERIALS: Cocktail stencils are made in 1.5mm clear PETG thermo-plastic (or 350 Mu (0.35mm) Polyester film).
  • FOOD SAFE: A technical report with info on food safe data/specs is provided.
  • ADVICE: PETG stencils are provided with release film front and back to protect your stencils. We advise washing prior to first use.


Size and quantity?

  • SIZE: From 85 - 120mm diameter. Talk to us about different shapes/ sizes. We can also custom design a ‘handy handle’
  • STARTER COLLECTION: Includes custom designing your logo or image for stencilling and 5 stencils.
  • HIGH VOLUME: Cocktail stencils can be cut in large bulk as one or multiple designs.


Order & delivery?

  • ORDER: We offer NEXT DAY stencils delivery in the UK and SAME DAY to Manchester/ Cheshire/ the North West.
  • DELIVERY: We use UPS to ship all over the UK, to USA/ Canada, UAE and Europe.
  • PACKAGING: Securely packaged flat. We can deliver to one or multiple venues if required.


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