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Custom commercial cake and bread stencils


Christmas bauble cake for supermarket using commercial bakery stencil
Can my artwork design be made as a bakery stencil?

Yes, we take your artwork and convert to a bakery stencil for your commercial cakes, cupcakes, bread or decorating plates in your restaurant. Our bakery stencils have been used by many bakeries supplying major supermarket chains and our bread stencils have been used by artisan cafés. We have worked with many a celebrity chef on plate decorating, chargers, macaroon stencils and cake toppers.

Can my bakery stencil be made to the size I need?

Yes, we make stencils for your bakery product range: cupcakes, rolls, loaves, biscuits and large celebration and promotion cakes. We make cake top and cake band stencils.

Many clients use our stencils as positioning templates for spreadable, royal or buttercream icing. We work from your design or design for you: from filigree cake bands to children’s or character licensing, from a Christmas bauble cake to a Michelin starred plate decoration.

Using bakery stencils

Dusting stencils
Dusting stencils
Cocoa or icing sugar

We can work with you on creating your logo or message as a cake or biscuit stencil such as these for Sis and Cargo.

The method of dusting through the stencil is quick and effective in mass production.

Royal icing stencils
Royal icing stencils
Celebration event cakes

Many clients use our bakery stencils as templates to position icing shapes and/or applying spreadable icings and chocolate spread to celebration cakes, such as this soft sugar paste iced butterfly Easter cake for a major department store.

Plate decorating stencils
Plate decorating stencils
Stencils for your restaurant

We have been approached by many chefs looking for quirky ways to stencil their logo or trademark onto plates, placemats, desserts - even cocktails.

Your stencil can be used as a centrepiece or edging branding.

Bread stencils
Bread stencils
Loaf designs

We have worked with bakeries and artisan bakers on creating stencils to be used with bread, rolls and loaves.

Flour, seeds and spices can be used through the stencil prior to baking to add logo branding.

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Which material?

  • Stencils can be made from a selection of food grade polyester film. From 125 (0.125mm) to 500 micron (0.5mm)
  • Your logo, strapline or identification can be engraved on each stencil if requested.
  • Depending on your design we may recommend the best option material according to the application.


Size and quantity?

  • We manufacture from small cake toppers to extra-large celebratory event centre-piece cakes.
  • Many clients offer our bakery stencils online and they can be purchased in high volume of any one design.
  • We offer proofing to test your bakery stencil design prior to the bulk order.


Need some advice?

  • Wether for cake dusting, icing or icing shapes positioning, we can discuss logistics and lead times to suit your production.
  • We work with your team to develop your design to give the best results on your application.
  • If you need to know about bakery stencils– contact us now.


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