Using street art stencils to promote your brand

Using street art stencils to promote your brand

We’re big into cycling here at Laser Cutting Services so we were excited when the opportunity to work with Assos, the Swiss cycling apparel company came about.

Assos were looking for a stencil to place their branding on the Lee Valley Velopark track in London for the for Cyclist Magazines “Track Days 2018”. We have a few keen cyclists in our team, so we happily jumped on board to develop something for Assos.

“Everyone loved the logo and it really stood out in the pictures” Ross from Assos told us. “They look great and were not difficult to assemble. By the end of the weekend, the stencil created a cool fade effect as the riders wheels were repeating the logo as they rode over it.”

Our stencil seemed to be a hit on the track, but we wanted to go one further and throw in a little something extra. From our recent coffee stencil success stories, we created custom design stencils for Assos and shipped them over. A short while later, Ross got back to us saying “The coffee stencil is a nice touch in our showroom, our clients always seem impressed!”

Cheers to Ross and the rest of the Assos team! Keep an eye out for next year's Track Days event on You might just see some of our work on your next ride!

If you are looking for logo, street or clean advertising stencils for your next project, there's more info on our custom stencils page.

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