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Laser cut stencils are a simple and cost-effective method of creating brand awareness.

Costs are rising in all directions. It affects us all at every level and influences the choices we make as both companies and as consumers.

Marketing your brand will always be vital, getting you in front of your target audience, and showcasing your brand message and image in a way that is strong, visual and impactful. But marketing can be an expensive endeavour. So what if you could cut costs, without cutting corners?

Laser cut stencils are a simple and cost-effective method of creating brand awareness. The precision we offer means that the results can be incredibly versatile, and create a strong visual and graphic effect.


Guerrilla marketing is a way to use less conventional tactics to draw attention to your brand or business. A hallmark of guerrilla marketing is the element of surprise – using fresh techniques at a low cost. This enables your message to cut through the ‘clutter’ of a crowded platform and grab the attention of your customer.

Unique placement of stencils, like this large-scale floor stencil, cleverly repurposes unused floor space, meaning that the brand catches the eye in high footfall areas. More companies are increasingly turning to stencils as a tool to market their brand on the street/walls. They allow you to create stunning, simple designs, on a huge scale at a comparatively low cost.

This impressive stencil is bold and graphic, using contrast colour and large text, to create a head-turning visual impact on a massive scale.


They are also a cost-effective way to keep your branding consistent. Smaller scale stencils can be used to brand everything from the walls of your office, to the top of your coffee – there are no limits to where you can use stencils. The reusable nature of the stencil means it can make things like branding your packaging a breeze, lowering cost and waste.

Pizza box with Fresh + Tasty logo


Construction Companies

For construction companies, stencils create quick, visible, safety signs at a much lower cost than other signage solutions. Wayfinding stencils are another popular, and highly efficient way of signposting employees and members of the public whilst keeping consistently recognisable branding.

Large signage for John Lewis

Advantages of using stencils

When compared to other forms of branding artwork and signage solutions, stencils
have many advantages

  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Make the best of simple designs. Sometimes simple is best. Logos, text, single
    colours all work brilliantly.
  • Large stencils for low cost. Compared to other installations, stencils can cover
    large areas at comparatively greater value.
  • Reusable. Stencils for branding can be reused. So compared to other options –
    stickers, custom printing etc. they have a much longer lifespan.
  • Lower waste. Their reusable nature means they can tread a little lighter on the
    planet when compared to many other custom packaging/printing options.
  • Creative. We can create stunning multi-colour designs with a multi-layer stencil for
    real wow factor.
  • Versatile. Stencils can be used on an array of materials. We’ll help you choose the
    best result for your project. We use polyester film from 125 micron – 500 micron.
    Polypropylene creates a rigid stencil, useful for construction sites/way-finding. If
    you have a tricky surface, we can create vinyl self-adhesive stencils.

Our products are big on impact, and low on cost. If you’re feeling inspired to take your branding and marketing to new heights, fill out our client consultation form today. Let’s see what we can create.