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Toyota Activation by MSL Global, a leading experimental marketing agency

At a glance specifics

  • 10 x 7mm oak veneered MDF panels
  • Each panel 984mm x 1976mm
  • Also supplied MSL with 8 Toyota logos cut in Opal 10mm thick acrylic and 8 red perspex cut outs as below

The Enquiry

MSL Global recently approached us with a request to laser cut large panels of 7mm Oak Veneered MDF for a Toyota activation in a busy shopping centre. Marcus, the Creative Director, advised they had previously used CNC cutting to create similar panels, but they were looking for a sharper finish.

We initially cut a minature sample of the design and sent it for consideration by Marcus and the MSL team.

Being impressed by our quick quote, reponse time and indeed the quality of the sample, Marcus discussed material choices, deadlines, and delivery challenges for such large panels.


Once MSL Global had decided on the material and their chosen design, our team got to work creating the digital artwork ready for proof approval & cutting.

Our quote had provided an estimated time for each panel, however, when it came to cutting, we encountered several unforseen challenges arising from a combination of the panel design, material and size.

  • Due to the glue in the wood, we experienced bleed where the wood was laser cut from the laser beams high temperature
  • Flashback from the honeycomb bed of the laser caused additional marring
  • The design meant that after each cut was made the slat would see-saw creating a barrier for the laser lens to pass


  1. We backed each piece of MDF with a protective layer of paper
    This action largely reduced the bleed we encountered from the glue by reducing the marring produced by the laser, we also cleaned each panel with a damp cloth immediately after cutting to further reduce this.
  2. Laser speed and power were both reduced
    The speed and power of the laser were reduced to minimize flashback which in turn reduced the amount of marring on the wood.
  3. A wooden frame was created to lift the wood panels from the bed
    This remedied the see-saw effect allowing the wood, once cut, to drop below the height which would interfere with the laser head and reduce flashback from our honeycomb bed.