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Large yellow logos stencilled on the road for the London Marathon

Temporary Event Branding

Four Ways to use Stencils for Temporary Branding in your Summer Event

With summer on the horizon, sports & festival events are gearing up to bring excitement and energy to communities worldwide. Temporary branding is a powerful promotional tool for sponsors at these events. Stencils offer a versatile and cost-effective way to achieve impactful branding. Here are four ways to use stencils for temporary branding at your event this summer:

Ground & Playing Field Branding

Transform a playing field or festival arena using stencils to create large-scale logos, sponsor names, or event hashtags directly onto the field, court or track. These bold and eye-catching designs not only enhance the visual appeal of the event space but also ensure that sponsors receive prominent exposure throughout the event.

From midfield logos on football fields to a finishing line on a running track, ground & stencil branding leaves a lasting impression on both participants and spectators.

Hoarding Signage

Use stencils to strengthen brand communication across hoarding boards and walkways. With the ability to reuse a single stencil multiple times, this approach offers a cost-effective branding solution. Additionally, way-finding stencils could be used to mark areas like VIP sections, concessions, and restrooms. These temporary designs not only fulfil a practical function but also enhance the event's overall aesthetic, ensuring a cohesive branding experience from all perspectives.

Burnsy logo stencilled on an advertising horading

Clean Graffiti Stencils

Clean graffiti stencils offer an innovative and eco-friendly approach to marketing. A powerful jet washer is used to effectively ‘clean’ the pavement through the stencil, leaving behind a temporary design
Since clean graffiti uses on water rather than paint, it leaves behind no lasting environmental impact, aligning with the growing trend of sustainable marketing practices. We often cut clean graffiti stencils, not only for the event itself, but for the marketing strategy leading up to the event!

Branding for Pop-ups & Exhibiters

Aside from the event organisers, exhibiters can also get a piece of the stencil action to brand their own pop-up stall or service. In the image below, Natural Event, the compost loo company, used stencils to brighten the look of their eco-friendly loo’s while conveying an important message!

Advertising on compost loos at a large outdoor event


In conclusion, stencils offer many possibilities for temporary branding at outdoor events, allowing organisers & independents to promote themselves & their sponsors in creative and engaging ways.

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