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Supporting Dogger Bank Wind Farm

Dogger Bank Wind farm is a group of offshore wind farms located more than 130km off the North East Coast of England. 

At a glance

  • First phase - 95 helidecks painted using stencils
  • 2mm polypropylene stencils
  • Painted using a roller
  • See the How to use a helideck stencil PDF for more info

The construction of the wind farms began in 2020 and and is expected to be completed in 2026. Dogger Bank Wind Farm offers several benefits, including:

Renewable Energy Generation: The combined wind farms will have a capacity of 3.6GW, making it the largest offshore site in the world. It will generate a significant amount of clean and renewable energy that could power up to 6 million homes annually - one rotation of GE’s Haliage-X turbine can power a UK household for two days!

Carbon Emissions Reduction: By producing clean energy, the wind farm will help in reducing carbon dioxide emissions. It will contribute to the UK's efforts to combat climate change and meet its carbon reduction targets.

Job Creation: The construction and operation of the wind farm has generated employment opportunities. During the construction phase, it is estimated that up to 2,500 jobs will have been created. Additionally, there will be long-term employment opportunities in maintenance and operation.

Economic Development: The wind farm project will stimulate economic growth in the surrounding areas. It will attract investments, create supply chain opportunities and support local businesses through the project's life cycle.

Energy Security: Increasing the share of renewable energy in the UK's energy mix enhances energy security by diversifying the sources of power generation. The wind farm will contribute to a more reliable and stable energy supply.

Technological Innovation: The development and construction of such large-scale offshore wind farms drive technological advancements in the renewable energy sector. It encourages research and development, leading to new and more efficient wind energy technologies.

These benefits collectively contribute to a greener and sustainable energy future while supporting economic growth and job creation.

Helideck Stencils

How Laser Cutting Services are supporting the Dogger Bank Wind Farm.

As renewable energy becomes more important, a critical challenge remains the remote location of some wind farms. The isolation of some farms still pose significant problems, and in cases of emergencies, evacuation is a challenging process.

It is here that the inclusion of helidecks becomes significant for Dogger Bank Wind Farm. Helidecks provide a useful solution for emergency response, maintenance operations and transportation of personnel.

We are pleased to confirm we will be supporting the installation of Dogger Bank Wind Farm by supplying the stencils which will be used to mark each wind turbine helideck for identification purposes. These are being completed off-site prior to the erection of the wind turbine installation and then transported over.

The installation team at Dogger Bank identified the helideck surface to enable Lasercutit to test various materials for application. This was completed until a suitable option was found.

Once the artwork was approved the team worked systematically through the cutting list of stencils for phase one of the installation.

At Laser Cutting Services, we often supply stencils for industrial use like this and are proud to be involved in a project which is clearly so important to a greener future.

Stencils painted at Dogger Bank

Stencils ready for paint at Dogger Bank