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We love working with brands to deliver high impact, large scale, street and wall art.

We worked with Global Street Art on this Dr. Marten's campaign. Global are notorious for their bold and successful advertising campaigns that stand out from the crowd. So, when we were approached to assist in creating an extra extra large wall signage stencil for footwear giant Dr Martens, we were delighted to take on the challenge.

The brief was to produce a 7 metre square wall stencil to spray paint an advertising sign, high on a brick wall, in the heart of Camden Town, ahead of the opening of a new Dr Martens store. You can watch the video here.

In order to produce the size required the LCS team designed a multi part light weight stencil, from artwork provided by the client, which would be butted together, positioned and applied from a cherry picker.

High above a busy crossroads one sunny day in Camden Town, the spray painting team, applied a section at a time, taping and masking as required. This was sprayed white onto black to produce the finished eye catching graphic.

Using wall stencils to advertise, is increasingly being used in advertising and for promotional events. Using stencils to assist in branding a business or event ensures precision and brand consistency, allowing the impact of your logo or message to be seen from afar.

The LCS team relish a challenge. Our team will help you in producing a stencil to meet your requirements, however big or complex the project may be. If you need more info check out our extra large stencils page.