Where do I find custom stencils for Mother's Day ?

Where do I find custom stencils for Mother's Day ?

We work with various high profile bakeries who supply many a 'household name' store or supermarket.

We are not always able to show you the work we do for these bakeries, but can show you a Mother's Day stencil idea.

Whether you have a small artisan bakery or coffee shop or are a large muti-national, we can work with you on your bakery stencil projects.

The Mother's Day treat shown was stencilled through using a spatula with icing sugar paste. We can laser cut custom bespoke cake stencils using any quote, phrase, sentiment, logo or image you require.

Bakery stencils can be made from a variety of different materials: Polyester film - 125, 250, 350 or 500 micron, or sometimes we will specify PETG thermo plastic or acrylic Perspex. The appropriate thickness is determined by quantity and end use.

Cake and bakery stencils can also be used to hand paint through using food safe colourings. They can also be used as templates with a spatula to push through melted chocolate, buttercream, icing or royal icing.

Apart from on bsicuits, bakery stencils can also be used to decorate cakes and plates. They can also be used to tremendous effect on coffees and cocktails.

If you need more information or advice you can click this link to view our food and drinks stencils page

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