Laser engraved trophy

Laser engraved trophy

Want to try something a little different to make your event stand out?

Well. the Killearn 10k committee certainly did. They approached the Laser Cutting Services team to laser etch six solid wood award trophies; Oak, Beech and Ash, as prizes for this year’s 10k.

As you know the LCS team love a challenge and the Creative Department set to work to ensure the finished engraved trophy would be flawless and coveted by the runners. LCS creatives have a meticulous eye for detail and carried out several test cuts prior to completing the project.

Raster fill, also known as laser etch,is a time-consuming technique but the end result is worth it. The laser beam works back and forth to “raster” (scratch off) the top layer to create an opaque “acid etched” effect. The technique can be used on a variety of materials in order to create unique and beautiful products, whether for a corporate gift or a one-off project.

Luckily for the Killearn Committee the Scottish sun was out and their 10K event was a great success. The LCS team are proud to support this local event and we hope the winners enjoy admiring their trophies as much as we enjoyed making them.

If you'd like more info or need help with a laser cut wood project of your own you can have a look on our bespoke laser cutting page 

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