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For many, the creative process often comes with many setbacks. You have your vision, but making it a reality can be difficult to achieve.

 When aiming to produce something niche or that has specific design criteria, it can be a struggle to source the correct or quality parts you need. That’s where our laser cutting services come in...

We recently worked with James on his latest prototype for a custom designed guitar. We spoke with James to outline the needs for his project: “I started building guitars since I am left handed and there’s a very small amount of lefty guitars produced”. James wanted several complex, precise shapes to be cut into a sheet of MDF and serve as a template for the cutting process on new guitars.

With James’s needs specified, we got to work on creating his vision...

Having proofed and cut his designs, we were happy to present James with his laser cut templates. The next stages were up to James as he put the templates to the test.

Our templates proved extremely successful and James’s project soon took shape. 

With a little polishing, buffing and fitting, the guitar was soon good to go and James’s prototype was officially completed! It was great to see the project in its final form and James was pleased with the results that our templates had provided.

We understand the importance of precise measurements on your projects, and strive to work with you and deliver on a product that meets your needs. We’re here to help guide your creative process and help with taking things to the next step. With laser cutting, the possibilities are endless, and we’re happy to be a part of your creative journey.

Confused about your design? We can advise on the best method to laser cut your project. You can find out more info and how we can help you with your next project on our bespoke laser cutting page