How big can custom wall stencils be cut?

How big can custom wall stencils be cut?

We were recently contacted by No 1, to produce a large multi sectioned signage stencil. 

The stencil was to be used to hand paint the hotel name across the buildings frontage, as part of a rebrand.

Our design team worked closely with the hotel to ensure consistency throughout the rebrand, ensuring everything down to the font and spacing on the logo stencil was correct. They also assisted in designing a compass addition to the stencil as a way of tying in the rebranded logo.

At over 15 metres long and 1 metre high our client required a connected signage stencil which would be durable enough for him to apply from a moving cherry picker. Having considered these requirements the team ensured that the connecting registration points were wide enough to connect the stencils using cable ties to secure.

The overall effect of the sign is clear, bold and elegant.

We at Laser Cutting Services love a challenge, no matter how big your requirement, we can guide you through the options from concept to application.

If you are looking for custom wall, logo or extra large stencils for your own signage or branding project, we can help, or there's more info on our dedicated extra large stencils page.

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