Acrylic trophy and medals for cycling event

Acrylic trophy and medals for cycling event

Our MD and Genius Sarah, loves all things cycling!

 So much so that every year she embarks on a cycling trip to Calpe in Spain, with her equally ‘burn rubber’ cycling friends: The Wannabepro Team. 

This started as a small bunch of enthusiasts but has now ‘grown arms and pedals’ into being a major event with sponsor opportunities, a winner’s trophy and fan following! The event takes place in Calpe, Costa Blanca, in the shadow of Etixx Quickstep and BMC pro cycling teams winter training camp with the hope some talent might rub off! 

Each year the Wannabepro’s compete for the title of “King of Calpe” this year however, they competed for something far better… the bespoke “King of Calpe” Trophy! 

Designed by the Laser Cutting Services team and made in clear acrylic Perspex this laser cut and raster engraved trophy will be a lasting memento for the winner. 

We also lasercut medals for the losers: " Almost King of Calpe"! 

Well done to all riders !

Have you cycled Calpe? Send us a tweet – we love hearing from you.

If you're looking for laser cut trophy or have an acrylic Perspex project you can check out our bespoke laser cutting page.

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