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Extra large scale stencil project for Google London HQ

Extra large scale stencil project for Google London HQ

Got a giant stencil project? 

Lasercutit and the team are ideally placed to help, having the necessary skills to work with many many drawings to collate a package of stencils for large scale projects.

We were approached last year by previouis clients, Lendlease, to help with this challenging project.

 "Google broke ground on its new London headquarters in November, set to be built in the city's King's Cross neighborhood. When it's complete, the huge, one million square foot building will be home to some 7,000 employees".

Stencils were required to stencil the floor level indications on the internal core construction. Stencils of the iconic google droids were also required to brand the site hoarding during this construction phase..

The entire site is surrounded by hoarding, stencilled with these cute google droids.

custom google droids stencils for google headquarters

Here's a sreen grab of one of our drawing/ cutting files. We have 'filled in' the drawing to show what is a hole.

 large stencil drawing file google droids

 Here's a zoom shot of the top floor droid on the floor levels on the internal tower form.

custom large scale stencil for google headquarters london

Here's a zoom in with the giant crane in situ. We can help with logistically challenging projects like these. If the jump form is already complete or topography of site does not allow for a crane, abseilers can apply your stencils!

 extra large scale stencil project for lendlease google london

Another nice leafy London shot showing the stencils high up on the jump form tower.

 extra large stencils for google headquarters construction site

 Here's one of the entire jump form internal structure showing all the floor marking wall stencils

extra large stencil droids for google headquarters

 You can read more about the building here.

 Lendlease - https://www.lendlease.com/uk/company/ 


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