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How do I use wall stencils? ( A lasercutit mini guide)

How do I use wall stencils? ( A lasercutit mini guide)

When you first receive your custom wall stencils, make sure the wall to be stencilled is clean and dry. Pre prepare all your paints and applicator tools ( rollers/ trays/ paint brushes for touch up) so you have everything 'to hand'.

You can use repositioning spray mount on the reverse, and sensitive masking tape, to hold the stencil in place. We recommend applying fast drying water based paints, using a sponge roller, in repeated thin coats to build up the colour and definition slowly.

Remove the stencil carefully to reveal your crisp and bold design!

Not one to miss out on a branding opportunity, the image shows how the Lasercutit Team applied the above stencil application guidelines to our new foyer, in our new Cheshire premises. We are really pleased and feel it gives the lobby the ‘wow factor’.

Here's a shot of us appying the paint using a small sponge roller.


As many will know, our custom LCS tape provides both a functional and distinctive finish to all our parcels. With this in mind we decided to continue our well-known brand trademark throughout the office and foyer. Using a custom designed stencil the team were able to replicate the tape design and “wrap” the foyer!

Every business knows that brand continuity is essential to ensure comprehensive brand awareness, our new foyer is unmistakably Lasercutit and our brand flows seamlessly through our office, stationery, tape and beyond...

How could you use a stencil to increase your brand awareness? We can produce stencils for signage, street artcoffees  even for cocktails; the options are endless.  

Contact us now to discuss if you’ve an office to wrap, or to discuss how we can help you use stencils to promote your business.

Further helpful info videos can be see on our step by step page


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