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“We’re reaching out…”

“We’re reaching out…”

No matter whom we are or what we do we all need help sometimes.

“The Sea of Hands of Support” highlights to those of us suffering from mental ill health and at risk of self-harm and/or suicide that people are here for them and available to reach out to them and be reached out to.

The project is part of, Salford based, Start Inspiring Minds ‘Reach Out-Start to End Suicide’ campaign which commemorates those lost through suicide, saving lives in the future, building resilience within the Salford community and ending stigma.

Lasercutit are proud to support this inspiring project and have worked with Dennis Baldwin, the project co-ordinator, to produce 2000 laser cut yellow plastic hands. ( HIPS - 1mm)

These hands have been touring throughout the year asking people to commit to reach out and be reached out to. The completed hands are then planted to create ‘The Sea of Hands of Support’ outdoor art installation, a powerful visual reminder to everyone to connect with others around them.

The success of this project can be seen throughout Salford, with installations popping up everywhere, a testament to the Salford community and the dedication of the Start Inspiring Minds Charity.

The Lasercutit it team are honoured to have contributed to just a small part of the project and we wish Dennis and his team ever more success with a truly inspirational and worthy campaign.

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