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“Can I use stencils for my art project?”

“Can I use stencils for my art project?”

The LCS team was recently approached to assist artist Candy Chang in creating her art installation, “Before I Die”, to be featured at this year’s SICK! Festival in Manchester.

The team are always keen to work with artists and help them to achieve their vision.

Chang’s project required the team to produce a large, 2 metre long, text stencil.

The stencil was cut from 350 micron polyester film, perfect for use with spray paints. The easy to apply stencil was then used to deliver a clear and bold invitation to the public.

The wall mural style installation has been created in 70 countries and invites people to contemplate death, reflect on life, and share their personal aspirations in public.

Using stencils for this project allowed the text to be exactly the size and shape desired by Chang, and ensured that the artist’s invitation remained clear throughout the duration of the festival.

Here at Laser Cutting Services we love working with artists. Their creativity and originality is motivating and contributing to their vision is inspiring.

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