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Graffiti stencils bring creative idea to life with a powerful street art piece.

Our client came to us with a vision of a creating a powerful street art piece and needed our help to produce stencils to bring their creative idea to life.

We took the original artwork produced by our client and created stencils that could easily be used during the application and painting process. We supplied the stencils in a thick Mylar plastic which is extremely durable and can be used multiple times whilst still achieving a high standard finish.

As the bustle of the city streets are set to return this summer, what better way to capture this new audience than with colourful street art and there is no easier way to do this than using custom cut stencils.

Creating street artwork can be difficult and time consuming, using stencils can irradicate these issues as they give the user the ability to create perfect artwork quickly. Follow our quick step-by-step process of using a custom cut stencil for graffiti;

  • Make sure the area/item you are stencilling onto is clean and dry
  • Lightly mark line or dots to determine the vertical/ horizontal axis alignment/positioning of your entire design. Secure if necessary, using duct tape or low tack masking tape to secure edges. If applying to a smooth surface then you can us repositioning glue by lightly spraying the reverse of the stencil then applying the stencil to the surface area being used
  • Keep the airbrush or can at least 3-4” from the stencil and apply light coats building up to desired colour intensity
  • Check your paint tin for instructions on paint thickness and coverage and again apply in multiple light coats
  • Once dry and you have completed all of your design layers, peel off the stencil
  • If using the stencil again then clean with water and/or a suitable cleaning substance to remove any remaining paint off the stencil. It’s important to use a smooth cloth not a brush to do this as it may damage the stencil

If you have a street art or graffiti campaign in mind then get in touch via email at [email protected] or on 0161 989 0847 to get a free quote.

Looking for an alternative to traditional spray-painting stencils? Why not try clean graffiti stencils. See our using clean graffiti stencils how to video for inspiration.