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We helped Party Snaps Photos Illuminated Letters come to life using laser cut MDF; here’s what we can do for you.

The Job

Party Snaps Photos is a party supply company based in the north west; their services are usually hired for weddings or birthday parties. They’re a small business that’s continually growing, and we’re happy to help them on their journey.

They wanted to create a variety of tall capital letters that could be fitted with electrics, specifically light bulbs. Their website says:

Our 1200mm high Illuminated Letters are guaranteed to add a touch of glamour to your wedding photos. The carnival style bulbs radiate a beautiful pattern which is both stylish and elegant.

We were asked to laser cut the backing of the letters, the main frame of the product, where the lights would be fitted and support the entire structure of each letter. Party Snaps send us the design using a vector file, and we start cutting.

We’ve made a number of giant letters before from a variety of materials, but for this job we cut the letters from MDF. We have made several other letters for Party Snaps at the same size and thickness, so it was no problem for us to match up with letters on file previously provided.

As Party Snaps is a party supplier for events, they need a fast turnaround, which we were able to do for them so that they could complete the process of constructing and painting the letters at their family home in time for their bookings.

The Material

MDF is a great resource for a wide variety of projects. We have made custom signs for Yoga on the Edge made from MDF, and have cut MDF as a template for new designs on a custom guitar. It’s a very versatile material with many different applications, including for interior and exterior shop fit-outs or your own home improvement project.

For Party Snaps, we laser cut sheets of 12mm thick MDF. This particular thickness means it is strong enough to stand up with fitted electricals, and would be long-lasting as it is was made for event hire and requires frequent transportation between events. We wanted to make sure our client received the best possible material for their project, and MDF is well suited to it. The material is versatile, sturdy, and is suitable for both cutting shapes from the sheets or for engraving with your design. It’s also perfect for painting, as Party Snaps do with theirs.

They lightly sand the MDF first, then use emulsion paint to give a base coat, lightly sand again and then spray paint them in a semi-gloss under a marquee in their garden. You can use lots of different methods for painting MDF wood, including spray paint, brush, roller or even sponge.

Large MDF letters ready to be painted

How to Order

We can laser cut a wide range of different materials, for projects large or small – we love a challenge! You can learn more about our laser cutting services and what we can offer you on our laser cutting services page.

We understand that every project is different, so you can get in touch with us today at [email protected] or call us on 0161 989 0847 to speak to our team of laser cutting experts.

You can also visit our contact page to fill out a request form containing your project specifications and artwork. There’s even a handy unit converter to help with choosing your measurements!

Party Snaps Photos

If you’re interested in hiring some of their Illuminated Letters or want to browse their wide range of services, visit their webpage at www.partysnapsphotos.com

Facebook: Party Snaps Photos

Instagram: @partysnapsphotos

Sources: www.partysnapsphotos.com/illuminated-letters/.