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Preparing your shop or workplace for re-opening whilst ensuring its covid secure can seem daunting. Fortunately, Laser Cutting Services are here to help you navigate the guidance on signage, providing you with various options and ideas. We can advise how your branding or logo can be used alongside this new required signage, to capitalize on the additional advertising and benefit your overall brand awareness.

The first obvious requirement is the need for clear and visible repeated social distancing reminders.

Government guidance recommends the use of floor markings and signages which should remind both workers and customers to follow social distancing wherever possible.

Social distancing stencils can be used on floors, paths or walls. Simple clear messages, and to scale 1m or 2m designs are a great visual. Lasercutit can provide guidance on size and suitable fonts depending on the end use or positioning. We will also incorporate your brand logo or slogan to maximize brand awareness whilst retaining the crucial clear social distancing reminder.

Social distancing guidance stencils

Another area to consider is your queue management, signage markers have been shown to be an easy and effective way of controlling queues and maintaining the required 2 metre social distance.

Government guidance recommends regulating the use of high traffic arears and limiting the number of customers in stores.

Great for use on pavements, Lasercutit can create a re-usable stencil of your brand logo which can be repeated at 2 metre intervals, quick, easy advertising while people wait safely in line.

footprints and company logo stencils for social distancing floor markings

Depending on your business size and layout you may be required to enforce a one-way system or designated entrances and exits.

Government guidance provides for the introduction of a one-way flow through buildings where possible to maintain social distancing as far as possible while people travel through the workplace.

Whilst the traditional arrow still remains the international direction symbol of choice, we at Lasercutit love to think outside the box. Whether it be a subtle addition of your logo or a whole arrow redraw we can brand your one-way stencil signs.

Arrow stencil for social distancing floor markings

We know that covid secure signage is essential for the safety of our customers and staff, yet it may seem mundane and repetitive. However, we at Lasercutit recognize this as an opportunity to maximize your brand awareness, incorporating your brand in this essential signage.

Lasercutit stencils are not only custom made, allowing your stencil to be any size and any design, they can also be used on almost all surfaces, grass, walls, or paths. We also provide full aftercare support and advise on how to use your stencils, from our dedicated how to page where you will find videos to guide you through the stenciling process through to our social distancing stencil page for further signage stencil advice.

Furthermore, the Lasercutit team are always on had to provide additional support, so take a look at our detailed Social Distancing Stencils page, give us a call on 0161 989 0847 or drop us an email to [email protected]. We are always happy to help.

You can find the detailed government advice for Working safely during coronavirus (COVID-19) at https://www.gov.uk/guidance/working-safely-during-coronavirus-covid-19/shops-and-branches