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Capturing the magic of Christmas must be challenging, especially when each year the display has to outdo the last!

During the festive period we immerse ourselves into every aspect of the season. From songs bellowing through every musical outlet, to buying our 4th pack of mince pies by mid-November, the world goes potty for Christmas. When we walk down the street to start our never-ending Christmas shopping, every shop front screams Christmas one way or another and there is often a (silent) competition to see who’s is best!

Capturing the magic of Christmas must be challenging, especially when each year the display has to outdo the last! With online shopping out dating our old shopping habits, what have shop owners got to do to entice the consumer back into our physical reality?

Create a first impression that counts

Every year, there is increasing anticipation around Liberty of London’s Christmas display. In 2014, during the unveiling, masses of shoppers fled to the scene and enjoyed the buzz of a Christmas band while gazing at a simply magnificent installation. Lasercutit proudly supplied over 9000 laser cut card baubles to the Visual Merchandising department at Liberty of London which formed part of the backdrop of a Christmas scene. The laser cut ship design on the baubles was a nod to their famous gold weather-vane that towers over London’s Regent Street. Mirrored gold card was selected as being the best shimmer to reflect the fabulous Christmas gifts on their display.

Liberty of London Christmas window display with hundreds of laser cut decorations


Other festive installations which Lasercutit have been comissioned to work on include creating over 1000 multi-coloured and mirrored Perspex snowflakes for Blachere Illuminations.

Extra large Christmas baubles which were cut from white foamboard were spray painted silver for a cutlery company, Robert Welsh.

Cutting MDF into life-size versions of gingerbread houses is another idea which came to life for an outdoor equipment supplier. It was used instore for snow scene installation.

Laser cut paper snowflakes

What are the most important traits of an eye-catching festive window display?

  • Tell a story and evoke emotion – by creating a story and targeting the subconscious mind, you are giving your potential customers something to connect with. We are driven by feelings and emotions drive purchasing behaviours.
  • Be creative & original – as previously mentioned, you are not the only shop on the street. Making your display standout from the rest is important. Luckily, we know how you can do that!
  • Use different materials – A variety materials creative depth and interest!
  • Think local – Each shop is in a different postcode, which could dictate your display. For example, Scottish bagpipes mean a lot more in Edinburgh than Liverpool!
  • Your brand at the heart – Just because it’s a festive display, doesn’t mean you should lose your key brand concepts. Lighting – The right lighting in a winter display is key. The days are darker and shorter and often the busiest times are after nightfall. Your display also forms a wider part of the festive environment, the ‘feel’ of Christmas!
  • Place key items at eye level – This enables the buyer to hone in on your products more easily.
  • Showcase your product range – After all your selling your products!

Whether you need 10,000 paper snowflakes to suspend from the ceiling, a life-size MDF Christmas tree, a sparkly reindeer, large laser cut letters or have an idea you want to explore, get in touch! We can work with yourself directly or through your team of visual merchandisers.