Funnel of MS Borealis stencilled with extra large logo in red, blue and white

It’s Amazing what you can do with some paint and custom stencils!

Lasercut stencils can be cut from any design including; Logos, Advertising statements and custom artwork. 

We love a challenge here at LCS, especially when it involves an extra-large stencil. We often get clients enquiring about stencilling onto large and hard to reach surface areas and this project for the MS Borealis was no different! 

We have an extensive portfolio of projects that involve the use of multiple extra-large stencils such as; Emirates Spinnaker Tower and stencilling helipads to name just a few. 

Our client reached out to us for help regarding stencilling the funnel on the MS Borealis ship. Once we had discussed options we converted the artwork into multiple stencils that formed the large overall artwork.

In order to make the application process as easy as possible, we also provided registration marks along with application advice... And the end result looks amazing! Want to see more? See our extra-large stencils page

With years of experience in various stencilling projects we are confident that we can provide a solution to almost any project big or small! Contact the LCS team to see how we can help on 0161 989 0847 or email [email protected].

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