Needing extra large super size letters for your Helipad?!

Needing extra large super size letters for your Helipad?!

Not your everyday type of query but you’d be surprised how many people ask google these very questions!

  • What size do I have to make my helipad?
  • Why do helipads have numbers on them?
  • Can I land my helicopter in a car park?

And the answers

Size: According to FAA, the minimum width, length or diameter of the final approach and take-off area (FATO) of a general aviation helipad is 1.5 times the overall length of the design helicopter.

Numbers: Some rooftop helipads have a mandatory large 2 digit number written over them. ... These numbers are the weight limit in thousands of pounds, set for a landing helicopter on that particular helipad. 8 is 8,000 lbs, 12 is 12,000 lbs. This is mainly due to the structural limits of the construction of the building.

Landing: Yes, if you have prior permission from owner. And if it is in an area where it is legal (ATC clearance) for the helicopter to be flying. Lots of “other” little problems though. Fella I used to know landed in a parking lot with loose gravel and ended up paying for about a dozen new car windshields. 
John Wood Group PLC is a multinational energy services company with headquarters in Aberdeen, Scotland. They provide topside operations and fabric maintenance services to Balmoral FPV in the UK central North Sea.

Lasercutit and the team have worked with Nathan, James and Mark of the Wood Group on Premier Oil’s Balmoral FPV helipad and many others. 

We have the necessary skills, experience and expertise to work from / scale up detailed plans and manufacture mega large stencils for helipads or any of your other large scale projects.  There's more info on our extra large stencils page

So whether you need a large ‘H’ to land your helicopter in the back garden, are building an emergency landing pad for a hospital or are advertising your brand on the side of a building - we can help!



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