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Creating customised signs for your shop re-fit, whether its interior or exterior, couldn’t be easier. LCS have got you covered.

We were commissioned to create some signage for the recently opened Yoga on the Edge, which is located in Alderley Edge. We created 1 exterior and 2 interior signs for them using 9mm MDF plywood. MDF is very consistent throughout, so edges appear very sharp and smooth, which also make it perfect for painting.

For Yoga on the Edge, the exterior sign was painted the base black and then applied a metallic top coat using car paint as they have a good range of colour; this means signs can be specially painted to fit the shop branding. To attach the sign to the shop exterior, stencils on the backboard allowed for placement in order to fully secure the sign, whilst plastic standoffs were applied to the backs of the lettering.

For the interior signage, which is located right upon entering the studio and at reception, the signs were stapled onto the walls to hold them in place. You can see the effect achieved below:

Yoga on the Edge interior sign on pallet wood background
Painted MDF reception signage at Yoga on the Edge has great effect on the pallet wood background.

Yoga on the Edge reception sign on white background
Matching brand colours on another interior sign at Yoga on the Edge.

Are you opening up your own business? Or thinking about updating your shop front? We at LCS can make signs using our various machines to laser cut and raster engrave a variety of materials, from large projects to small. Everything you need to make sure your interior and exterior vision becomes a reality can be found right here.

MDF is used by interior designer and event planners for installations, typically for display purposes. However, it is a very versatile material, and you can find out more about laser cut MDF and what we can do for you on our Laser Cutting Services page.

We also have our handy team of experts you can talk to via email [email protected] or you can call us on 01619 890 847.